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    diseases. It is continued, however, with some difficulty, as in many constitutions the blister rapidly heals, what - generally supplies the place qf the blister ointment,

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    is changed into a more or less thick, acidulous, jelly-like mass. It is considered agreeable, digestive and cooling, and is much used

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    hydrogen, 2 per cent. ; nitrogen, traces. The composition of this mixture varies within certain limits, according to its origin ; but

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    und ungeschickt sein, damit er beide Hände gebrauchen könne. Alle guten Oculisten sollen sich bil liger massen auf Instrumenten, als Harfen, Lauten

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    gekocht; wenn aber die Schmerzen nachlassen oder überhaupt nicht vorhanden sind, so muss man sofort zu Mitteln schreiten, welche adstrin-

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    from them to any university but through great dangers, a studium generale in every science and faculty be founded in Dublin to con-

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    During the period of his residence in Chicago he operated successfully in real estate and it was said of him that in 1834 he bought a tract of land for

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    H; M ita «cflt i« in the front or hack wall of the organ. A largo cxtraparietal tumor, oa tbo otlier band, dtsplaeca tho womb in the

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    cure disease. But medical science could neither relieve the misery of the world nor make the work force healthier if people could

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    left elbow joint on the anterior face, and was extracted on June llth from the posterior part of the joint, together with several

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    honey, fish, or bacon; cocoa is, perhaps, preferable to tea or coffee ; and porridge made of Scotch oatmeal, pj'obably better

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    „tulam, quae in utero matris co lern malo affecta, cum nutrici honesta, licet „tenuioris fortunae, commissa esset, ipsa etiam nutrix eadem lue infecta et

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    varnish is a little dry, dust on bronze by dipping a piece of vel- vet into the bronze and shaking it upon the varnish ; then give

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    der is found filled with fluid. — G. St. Hilaire. arpoipia, ' atrophy.' Acysturo trophie, — Piorry. avxnv, 'the neck,' and ropir], 'incision.' An inci-

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    quenced cDN.A clones are" assigned to the mouse and hu- man maps, the potential for rapid association between cloned gene and mapped mutation will incre"ase dramati-

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    of iron, with compression. Haemorrhage to the extent of twelve ounces recurred, and CASK 933. Corporal W. Matthews, Co. C, llth Tennessee, aged 23 years, wounded

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    galiene, [cap.] 4 de ingeuo, of wex and oile and vertgrese dando, sed grese is ful mich penetratife,dissolutiue,pungityue,vrityue, 4 24 caiefaci-

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    wonderful "cure-all" he has found. The next prescription comes, but for another disease. The prescription is written by the same good old doctor; the same story not all the

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    2. A name of the nepenthes or wonder- bone with sponge fixed to the end. ful plant, from the appendages at the end PROBE. (From probo, to try ; because




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