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    of matchboarding. The petroleum stored was that stored in the tanks ol tin- motor cars. The Justices held that there was no" storage '"

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    not in the form of jaundice, are subject to headaches, eat stones and earth, and have piles. Those who have green colours, without

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    sance lorsqu'ils purent l'étudier dans le texte original On comprend, toutefois, que par des copies successives et sous le pinceau

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    liberal and judicious observations of Dr. Gregory in his most valuable lectures on the" Duties and Qualifications of a Physician," and to this work we would refer the

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    as well as his scientifically trained son could with a stethoscope. He used judgments based on practice, read up on cases in the

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    absorption, nor is it clear that the blood from the ar- teries is not conveyed to the veins by a similar process. If the power of attraction of the sides of a vessel of a

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    of the legs then developed ; but he recovered from this, only to become suddenly paralyzed in the right leg, the left following suit later. At

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    tinuiHl. 'riiU drcinmtxnoe and tlio mlirf which the Iiallitt afTord to tbe poticnta inipcratit-cl}- deinxnd thi'ir employment.

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    and that it is not merely a Monogram belonging to this In a corner of this Plate, is added a similar Signature of Plate XVI. Jerah, or Jerrah, or Jurrah ( Surgeon ) or

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    the bone where it is united to the membrane {pericranium ) and to the bone, and then fill the whole wound with a tent, which will expand the wound very wide next day with as little

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    radium as a specific for these small su]-)erficial malignant growths. There is no doubt that it is tlie great scarcity and costliness of

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    annihilators of space, and heard, as if over the radio, that a real man was practicing medicine on the frontier — a man who could serve his

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    to as LA4-H-. This gland and that in figure 6 represent the variation seen in the pregnant rat from day 16 to term. The degree of development shown here has

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    education in the east. Just when he arrived is not definitely known, but it is believed that he located here sometime in the late thirties.

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    occipitis. The Ceph 'alo-pha r yngc' ' al Aponenro' - Kt(pa\n, 'head,' Oupai;. 'the chest,' and artpeiv, 'to the head of the foetus in utero; from kh}xi\tj, ' the

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    on I the night before the battle of Gilboa. Here we see the stalwart hero of the people with his nerves shattered by intoxicants now no longer

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    The fourth lead — the chest or precordial lead — come into prominence only recently, is often of help in determining

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    :; ])er cent solution of tropacocaine is used, to which one drop in 1000 of su]M'arenin is added after sterilization. The dose is from

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    in the spacious times of Baillie, Bright, and Addison," and Mal- gaigne has described his book as "the only work on pathology

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    been rewarded by finding a remarkably similar name among the surgeons of Paris in 1424, where among "Les Statuts des Chirurgiens de Paris

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    "When bile is deranged the swelling has an erysipelatous appear- ance ; at other times it has a blue, yellow, red, or black colour,

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