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    lor the diverted urine. Xo changes were found m the epithelium of the Ciecal mucous membrane, after a slight initial hyiK-rcemia.

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    difference in employment and welfare opportunities between the city and the countryside. For the past third of a century the city has been the focus of industrial

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    BOORDE CONFORMS, AND GETS INTO THRALDOM. [§ 28-30. (who married Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn), and Thos Bedyll, clerk, took the oaths of Johannes Howg[h]ton, the Prior of the Char-

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    pathology, chemistry and bacteriology, and requires that each person who desires to obtain a license to pear before the professional board of his choice for

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    1898 Maitland, Pelhain Christopher, 2, Alfred-place W,st, Sauth Major, Hugh Marcus. Royal Albert Hospital, Devonport. Makms. George Henry, C.B.. 47. Charles-street, Berheley-sq. w.

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    lowered wing. It must be remembered that "waltzing" does occur, although rarely, in capons which appear to be devoid of testicular tissue. "Tidbitting"

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    treated by tamponing with gauze until epithelialization is completed. For cleansing purposes, simple saline solution is preferred.

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    it is possible that it is more common than is realized. These papers have been abstracted in the hope that surgeons and pathologists will watch care-

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    typical central arterial occlusion presents a picture branches a little segmented blood column — the so- branch of the central artery. In addition the cherrv-


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    visit in his posthumous "Observations on Italy" (1825), one of the best books of travel ever written by a physician. This work is

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    made by the bullet, so as to make the case unmistakable, have occurred under my observation, in wliicli the patients recovered. There has been some question about the probabilities of recovery

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    of the extremities, failure of strength, shortness of breath, and great tendency to faint, which continues till the syateoi

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    buman charity. Billings characterizes the true spirit of the hos- i)it;d movement of the Middle Ages in the following language:

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    sent réfractaires. H. Zicmann a vu, dans Je sang d'un chimpanzé de la côte ouest d'Afrique, de rares Trypanosom es qui peut-être étaient des

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    veins. The radial ran a normal course, but formed a tortuous rete mainly in 1st interosseous space. Several large veins arose in this plexus. The interosseous ar-

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    Clark Cutler, in Shelbyville, Illinois, in 1831. He was at one time presi- dent of the Moultrie County Bank, at Sullivan, and later was vice-

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    seat of the ulcer and after that a piece of soft and unshrivelled linen should be placed upon it, and the bandage should be loosely or tightly tied up according

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    It in a non-volalilc, unirritatiiig antiseptic, deodorant, and utrin- I tkularly useful as a vaginal and ut«rine douche and to flush the

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