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    meTnoir contains a good bibliography of the subject dealt with. The blood in health and various morbid conditions. As the result of
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    vulus ; and in this he was followed by Sir Hans Sloane, Miller, and at last Linnaeus himself in the Mantissa of the System of Nature. It is, therefore, the convolvulus
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    veniently reftcshed and evacuated by emoUicnt, but at the may be conducted as already laid down under the fimt [Tlic editor thinks that, in this section, too many dif-
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    mix, warm, and stir, till no more gas is disengaged ; apply 2. Linseed meal 12 oz., powdered hemlock 4 oz, muriate of ammonia 4 oz., vinegar q. s. ; to indolent glandular
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    série d'ordonnances et de règlements, retrouvés par l'auteur dans les archives de Lille et dans lesquels il est question des apothicaires et des épiciers, con-
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    patients. The sugar reactions of the different varieties found are recorded. They are present in largest numbers in very frothy stools,
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    a sheltered spot, for luind is much harder to hear than intense cold. If the house has permanent verandas, and you cannot afford a special porch,
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    voided in small quantities; all the functions are torpid as is the animal itself. In a few days a nasal discharge sets in, which is con-
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    transparent rahat in place of the stiff Geneva band, a red ecclesi- astic cope (the "regal dalmatic") with lace ruffles at the sleeves,
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    the depressed patient in their firm embrace and to kiss the patient would exhibit symptoms of exhilaration. pacifying (soothing) medicines described in connection
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    funded in fiscal year 1984, a gap of approximately 2 years Dr. Brandt. The first award was made in April 1983, sir, which
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    entering tlie peritoneal sac. A piece of doth may be placed in the lower anftle of the wound for the same purpose. CIOM tho wound
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    Apres etre entre dans des details plus longs que ne le per- mettaient les limites de notre Journal, mais que nous avons cru devoir sacrifier a la nou\aute du sujet, nous sommes en-
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    He was operated on May 29 ; he afterward felt the same leg weakness and was still unable to walk. Early in December, when observed by Dejerine, he was able to stand on crutches
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    "0. Sedis, Proctocele — p. Uteri, Prolapsus uteri. llseraorrhois — p. Simplex, Proctalgia — p. Tenes- J'roctnpto'sia, Procto'sis, Hedroce'le. Archenpto'-
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