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    so immediate a relief that fluids can be swallowed a few minutes after its administra- tion. Five to ten drops of the i-iooo solution should be taken three or four times

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    from an Urban Point of View; and others. Address: 57 Harley St., HERRICK, Stephen Solon; physician; b. Randolph, Vt., 1833; s.

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    (Compendium der Chir. Operationslehre, 1862, S. 895) states that B similar instrument, suggested by Herr STILLIXO, was recommended in Germany. The urethrotomes of M.

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    cal, and pathological phenomena incident to the Structure, Health, and The alchemic art, however, was at length transferred from Arabia

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    the symptoms, such as tormina, tenesmus, and frequent discharge of lunal) liquid bloody motions seemed to indicate disease of the bowels; yet tlie latter parts were found after

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    the time of day have a marked influence. Men noted for their sag-acitv and courage have been prostrated by fear of pain. Sir Robert Peel, a man of

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    They just gave them the money: You build your home; here s the money to do it. That s all sort of beside the point, except

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    uses to dig up medicines. This he does by asking, " Ni zoku ngi kipa ngani ekaya lapa na " With what are you going to take me out of

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    possessed of astringent properties. It proves cura- tive in cases of urinary calculi arising from seminal subdues the deranged Kapham, and proves curative in

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    at times, so painful as to prevent his working. He was not present wlien Miltenberger threw up the b.ill, but saw him a few

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    primary Harbingers or Breeders of it ; though they are capable of tranfmitting it by a Bite to graminivorous and granivorous

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    sugtu", and let it remain a week longer in the jar ; then take off the scum, strain and bottle, leaving a vent, until done ferment-

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    Lange- not only approves the usual habit of carefully examining careful and thorough injection and sounding if any discharge be present,

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    Same as Wood Alcohol. W.-oil. See Oil. W.-tar. See Tar. V Wool, prepared fiber of wood, used mainly as a surgical dressin

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    dummy) in the empty pen and then introducing the experimental bird. Although the observer stood in the pen at a distance of a few feet, it is certain

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    therein as you will. Take one ounce of oil or of any species of aromatic. Pour a wine into it again, as above, and let it boil as before. Then you will

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    system the first ten classes arc distinguished by the number of trie stamina, and styled monandria, dian- vegetable contains eleven stamina, so that the eleventh

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    Flebotomia quidem nocciva «'st duabus partibus anni, scilicet vere et autumpno. Fiat ergo tale syrupus: R. succi fumiterre dessicati ad ignem sem.u, succi

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    Atropine (Alkaloid) Merck.— U. S. P.— C. P., Cryst. or morpnrae, hypodermically; tannin, or charcoal before abeorptlon.—lN-

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    haemorrhages, ulcers, and abscesses of the gland tissue or sub- mucosa. Rupture of the walls may follow abscess (Cadeac).

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    masters, St. James' Palace, by Harriet, daughter of Edward Chesshyre, Esq., a landed proprietor in Cheshire. He received

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