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    the middle of the wood may be fitted to the ai-mpit, and his arm beiug bent at a right angle, an assistant stooping do-wn

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    is clear that nothing is passing through the neck from section and gentle traction to deliver the sac from thigh. presenting in wound. The sac is opened and ligated at

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    hydrogen, 2 per cent. ; nitrogen, traces. The composition of this mixture varies within certain limits, according to its origin ; but

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    tion, adiplomate of the .'\merican Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and an associate of the American College of Physicians. During the past year he has served as presi-

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    arife ; for it is a vulgar and danyerous opinion to fuppofe that perfons are irre- coverable, becaufe life does not foon make its appearance ; it is an opinion that

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    discoloration stops sharply at the ileo-cecal valve found in elderly people with colonic stasis, wheth- to persist or from chronic obstruction by a cancer-

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    the os calcis ; on its fore side it sustains the os metatarsi of the little toe, and that toe next to it. The ossification

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    way of democracy was being made ready ; its birth was heralded in France by terrific convulsions, but in our own country the long struggle against the absolutism of

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    all natural arts in hieroglyphical characters, in order that their posterity might also become acquainted with tliis prediction, that so it might be

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    It is unnecessary to mention a great variety of sys- prised in ib;.r great divisions; earths, salts, inflamma- bles, and metals, to which he lias added, in an appendix,

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    and add \ pint di'ying linseed oil, boiling hot, and then 3 oz. of resin and 3 oz. of asphalt, each in fine powder. Stir till they are thoroughly incorporated; remove from

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    470 pounds or more. In 1889 an impresario undertook to exhibit her; but eight men could not move her from her room, and as she could not pass through

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    dered paralytic by the division of the spinal marrow, produ- ced tetanus not only in the trunk and upper extremities, but

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    threads. He gives drawings of instruments for extracting The other Arabians describe the operation, but less precisely than Albucasis. Haly's directions are judicious. He recom-

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    die Krankheiten in Uganda, Cent rata frika, welclie sich auf während einer 4 jährigen Tliätigkeit am Chiirch Missionary Society's Hospital in Menge

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    burg and Leipzig. After graduation, his teacher in ophthalmology, Prof. Coccius, offered him an assistantship on the University Eye Clinic of Leipzig.

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    atomic bomb survivors under age twenty. 66 The risk estimates from these studies were divided by three to convert them to internal iodine 131 exposures. 67 The

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    from cold, as also the head and the rest of the body ; and a man should not be washed immediatelv after he has taken a draught of ptisan or a drink ; neither should he take ptisan as

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    blatter mit Schmalz; fein gestossene Farnwurzel; Mistel mit Weihrauch; Grünspan und Diphryges zu gleichen Theilen mit Myrtenwachssalbe;

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    quick lime or common vegetable alkali, be at times derived an acid juice, which It may be extracted also from a number of tends to bring the whole unseasonably into

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    them a nuisance on the highway. It is left standing till wanted in these barrels, or in still larger receptacles, which are never

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