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    and add \ pint di'ying linseed oil, boiling hot, and then 3 oz. of resin and 3 oz. of asphalt, each in fine powder. Stir till they are thoroughly incorporated; remove from

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    of Glisson — v. .Mallenlaris externa. Retinaculum tendinum perinssorum — v. Muliebris, Vagina — v. lemma — v. l'eiiis. Vagina — v. Pili, see Hair — V.

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    performing a directed test, initially on chromosomes 16 and 22, and continuing on to chromosome 1 . All available markers on chromosome 16 (including the large number of

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    Camphor Wash Balls. White soap 1 lb., spermaceti 1 oz., water q. s. j melt together and add 1 oz. of powdered soap (from olive oil and potash if procurable) 16 oz.,

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    i8th century. x,i58 p. D. London: Macmillan & Co., 1897. Chr. W. Dohm, der Gegner der Physiokratie, und seine Thesen.

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    126, Palestine Council No 66, R. & S. M., Chicago 1907; University of Illinois College of Medicine, 1911. Illinois Steel Hospital, June to November, 1911; Cook

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    otlier diseiise, tlic period of incutKtUou npjiL'ars to be soinctrKut longer. knowlcd'TL', v;a should say that it is most infetrtionis while the eruption

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    sary at first, and we must not underestimate the quantity of milk necessary to keep the colt in good condition. It should be

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    recovery in about two months. 3. ElCHlF.n (Eph. nat. cur., Dec. II, Ann. VI, 1687, Obs. CXCVIII, p. 395) relates that he was called to see a peasant,

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    pe skynne som-tyme on pe to party and ; som-tyme on Amputation incurable, But if pe fynger be holy cutte away be pe 32 iuncture where it is festned to pe hand. If pe bone,

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    Revenu en France après la Révolution de 1830, il retourna au Mans, où il pratiqua encore la chirurgie et mourut le 18 septembre 1834. On a

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    application of tepid water dressings. On March 26th, the original tube w.-.s removed and a double fenestrated canula substituted.

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    2. In the second stage after effusion has occurred, the chief indica- tion is to reduce the amoimt of this serous liquid as speedily as possible,

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    SECT. Hi.] EXCISIONS OF TITK TESTIS FOR SHOT INJURIES. 409 CASK 1129. Private T. J. F , Co. A, 51st Pennsylvania, aged 19 years, was wounded at Spottsylvania, May 12,

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    Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland — Sec, Guy's Hospital, S.E. Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain — 17, Bloomsbury Square, W.C.

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    days, together wi!h a prayer that is appropriate to your circuni- stances, and by doing this you will perceive incredible things. Your

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    etc. Yet these ideas received a rude setback during the war, firstly by the partial success of the hypertonic salt pack introduced by Gray, and later by the frequent in-

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    Finally, the ulcerated points should be cauterized with Tincture of Iodine. The prolongation of general treatment for a month after

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    et 1'embarras de la respiration, que les observateurs ont en grande partie attnbuees a la tension des ligamens ronds. On voit qucl-

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    marrow, crtmmcncing at the situation of the lower cervical remarkable, the indammation was confined to the riglit aide of




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