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    molecule. A., Skatolcarbonic, A., Skatolcarboxylic, C,„H,NOj, an acid formed during the process of albu- minous putrefaction, and a normal constituent of human
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    the oily principles of fat (Meda), transforms them into (Kshara) ones into the Sndyu. The internal cavities (As'ayas) of the body mark the spots or regions where the
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    Sagapen, der Saft vom Weidenröschen in gleicher Weise, wie auch der Same der kleinen wilden Salbei, Mist des kleinen Falken 1), die Thräne
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    his mother and aunt told him about it, and that all the old Indians be- lieved it. It was a general tradition, and yet the common use of the
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    bark and berries have been long applied externally, in different forms, to old and ill conditioned sores. The former is strongly recommended in France as an appli-
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    tumours, &o., constituting the Parame'nia cessa- in her first menstruation — Sanguis vir'ginis jyn'- mum raenstnia'tcB — was formerly given internally
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    jusqu'au Congo, et peut-être plus encore: la côte est, Madagascar en toute première ligne -), les Comores, Zanzibar, l'embouchure du
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    nlmntton, the tumor inrroased in siitp, ajt a result of inrreA-ipd accre- tion from the w.ill ; when ilio menwes eeosed, it iJiniinii'hi'd again.
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    cining metals without the aid of fire, by being them- Calcination is said to be actual, when effected imme- diately, and only by the action of fire ; and potential,
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    a sheltered spot, for luind is much harder to hear than intense cold. If the house has permanent verandas, and you cannot afford a special porch,
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    In the intermissions the patient feels well, and all the functions are performed as when in perfect health. The tongue is clean, but some-
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    and breast ; even in tvrcnty-four hours it usuiUly readies tlie feci, so tli(Lt tlie whole body is covered. At this time the perspiration of llio
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    ceived payment. They had been sold largely to this same firm of the Morris Canal and Banking Company, and in the same way. Butler's
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    promptness and certainty than most of the other drugs at our command ; the hypodermic use of adrenalin was in no sense cura-
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    November 25th was admitted to Brown Hospital, at Louisville, where Assistant Surgeon B. E. Fryer, U. S. A., recorded the
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    had one doctor come out, I ll never forget, who was a New Yorker. He loved New York and he went to the clubs. And he was a chess
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    elsewhere, provided with private infirmaries and "eleemosynary hospitals." About this time, also, arose the various Catholic
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    Arriving at the Otterpool parade ground the unit was treated to a lecture by the colonel : "The King was pleased with you -
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    form of chronic pneumonia is afrnitfiil source of error heptititis ia manifest almost from the commencement of tfie attack ; this hepatitis may not subside, hut
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    performed for duodenal ulcer 6 years before. For 4 years he had had recurrence of ulcer pain. At operation a stenosing scar of the duodenum
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    conditions ; but to them it is also, when moderately taken, quite harm- less. For many delicate men and women, living under certain un-
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    milk does not flow so freely on the application of a strange child as of a woman's natural offspring; and ex- citing the attention, especially if this is accompanied
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    about a normal girdle of the chalaza surrounding the cicatricula and embracing the yolk sphere [dividing it] at a ratio of 80:100 seem to
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