• Clozapine (clozaril) Contraindications

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    clozapine (clozaril) contraindications

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    ccrucBe of the braehinl plexus. The trunsier of tho morbid exdtcmeut from tho nerves of thfi heart to tlioeo of tlic arm ia best explained,

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    "York, 10th September, 1821. — The Board met in con- " Sir, — I am directed in the absence of Mr. Secretary Hillier to signify to you that, under the circumstances stated by you.

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    for a half-century or so. That is, except for those able chance of practical application to some in the of etiology or degree, coronary arteriosclerosis with

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    itis nodosa, rheumatic fever \vilh carditis, and status asth- maticus. If you have a patient in need of Cortisone and your diagnosis conforms with this list of conditions, wc

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    from ibe rule are inez plicitblc, it is true, but thll is atw true of regular ■a Umw of aeunlgw stUcia Iron other a maefc IIkt <

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    centrated salt solutions produce no ill effect, and in certain cases, where low blood-pressure are present, is indicated in order to raise the same.

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    a leg in extension under similar circumstances (he meant traction) to retain the length during healing. He also spoke of the chance of lengthening

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    tion of the Puta-pdka measure ; while suppuration and tic features of a deficient Puta-pdka application, 18. I shall describe the mode of preparing a Puta-psika

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    brain. He recovered, and was returned to duty on February 7th, 18G5. He is not recorded as an applicant for pension. Engleiiart, Louis, Private, Co. E. 59th New York Volunteers, received a gunshot wound of the scalp, grazing and

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    of nitrous oxide and oxygen in this procedure. They conclude that the method should be chosen for all intrathoracic surgery and in

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    right of the symphysis pubis, crushing the ramus, tearing the bladder and rectum, and making its exit through the coccyx."

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    "Please do not look on me as a historian. I am just one of the persons who likes to know what our colleagues of old did and how they did it; one who likes to

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    improvement which we are perhaps too ready to attribute to the chemical Take a dessertspoonful in a wineglass of water after

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    itching, which must not be taken as a sign of the persistence of the disease. It is well, however, to keep the animals under observation

    difference between clozaril and clozapine

    the early and more rational hours head, with a state of skin approx- to which their return to it must imating to that already described,

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    in the light of experiments and observations by other workers. G. W. A1.1.FORT, C. The blood count. Lancet, 1922, ii, 756-8.

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    A new, highly potent synthetic analgesic, Dromoran Hy- drobromiMe "Roche," has properties similar to those of morphine, meperidine and methadon. On subcutaneous ad-




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