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    wyne, and vse the fyne pouder of a Poste, and there is nothynge wyll skyn so sone as it wyll do. Parauenture some persons readyng this
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    into the pelvis that suj)puration may invade the whole of the kidney, producing diffuse suppurative nephritis by secondary infection of the
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    lean and haggard student, and he was even accredited with assuming the shape of a " living skeleton." Quatrefages, the celebrated French scientist,
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    venereal diseases must be admitted to <.,... 829f transfer of, instructions regarding ....w.. 809M91I wardsrespected in fight on warship ,..,.-„..., 4387
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    ers, Tapflers, Vintners, Letter-Carriers, Porters in the eyes, viz, in the left of Men, an d right of Wo- pale Green , or a little of the Silver colour 5 of fa-
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    firmly united ; and that viewed in a microscope, it ap- pears to have blood vessels, but they are lymphatics. It is found in all animals, both viviparous and oviparous.
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    pleine de reverence a I'egard des dieux " This is an impos- sible rendering of irphs Qeuiv ivrifx'jis Keip.ivr), ph3'sicians may be the means, the gods are the cause, of cures
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    ric — (j. Hydro-hyettrique, Pregnancy, hydro-hys- co-hyetSriqne, Pregnancy, sarco-hysteric — g. Sar- nancy, solitary — g. Solitaire. Pregnancy, solitary
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    erator. Captain Nicholson, Dick Thomas and Tommy Poole de vised a wondrous brick structure that was the temporary envy of
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    term urdhvajatru denotes the body from the neck upwards. (2) The term jatru signifies the base of the neck. Others explain it as the joint of breast-bone and collar-bone.
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    aplea him mon pela fceappena on |7am pcancan Jjonne iTip mon punbije pi] hif peonb to jepeohtanne frsej Isep he mejnje "j ]7onne he niman pille sep j-unnan
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    in Padua weiss Richter nichts zu melden, der Termin der Doctorprüfung ist unrichtig. Alle Ungenauigkeiten Richters sind in Brückners Mitteilungen
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    transferred to Madison, Wisconsin, August 2, 1864, where Surgeon H. Culbertsori, U. S. V., reported a "shell fracture of the
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    of the urine (1879); the discovery of nuclein in pus-cells and spermatozoa by bases will increase uric-acid excretion (1886), and that, in birds, the latter is
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    In Cowhide or Morocco leather. Measurements : io| X 5J X 3I in. Fitted with nine i oz. and twenty-four i oz. phials of ' Tabloid ' and ' Soloid '
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    'lun'e appear to be configurated phases of protoplasm wliich lie i(>tween plants, with a limited number of mechanical degrees of
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    70480 Methods and results in Mexican research. By Dr. Walter Leh- nungen in den Jahren 1 890-1 897. [4], 134 p. Q. Erlangen:




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