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    Aus'-cul-ta'-tion. The art of detecting disease by hstening to the Ax-il'-la. The armpit ; hence axillary, pertaining to the armpit.
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    1898 Letchworth, Thomas Wilfrid, M.B, Cauib., Pinehurst, Weijhridge. 1901 Lett, Hugh, M.B. Vict., 17, Finshury-circns. e.c.
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    research into fundamental disease mechanisms, diagnostics and therapeutics to an extent never seen before. Therefore, this genetic information is particularly important to the
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    the other. This is letting in your friend and expelling an enemy. PERSONAL CLEANLINESS. To preserve health a young wife should bathe regularly and thoroughly. " There is nothing," says
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    muscles posterior to the middle of the rib, the posterior end of the rib would be moved most on contracture of the muscles attached to the
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    de|)ressioii. He was ti-eated in division ho-sjiital, was sent, via Chattanooga, to Nashville, and was admitted to hospital No. 14
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    brown : the better sorts, when opened, appear to be- composed of clear whitish tears, often intermixed with stalks or seeds of the plant. It is rather resinous than
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    Genu valgum. L., Ban'dy. Same as L., Bow. L., Barba'does, elephantiasis of the leg. L., Black', symptomatic anthrax. L.,
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    Goldsmith. Special Discussion on Warfare Injuries and Neuroses. Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., Lond., 1917, v. 10 (sec. Octol.), pp. 119-122.
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    What is the liquor amnii Give its functions in pregnancy and during The liquor amnii is an albuminous alkaline fluid, found in the
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    Arsenik müsste ferner entweder vom Wasser oder von den Kochtöpfen herrühren, die hierauf gerichteten Untersucliungen sind aber bisher negativ
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    Neither is it contained in the two MSS. of the Asiatic Society' of Bengal, No. Ill h. 38 and No. Ill g. 31, which have been
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    but the language is clear, free from ambiguities, and sufficient. The illustrations are unusually excellent. The result obtained by
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