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    instances, this might prove of material benefit in avoiding post- operative infections other than those of the vascular systems.

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    and his monograph on Blood Inuminity and Blood Relationship (1904) estalilishes the identification of different kinds of blood by

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    into the pelvis that suj)puration may invade the whole of the kidney, producing diffuse suppurative nephritis by secondary infection of the

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    hearing, touch, taste, smell or. sight ... ... 284—287 Prognosis to be gathered from the altered condition of features : — Other Aristha symptoms in connection with Asthma,


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    earliest times, the spirit of inquiry was always aroused to learn the machinery of such stupendous engines of destruction ; and even in the earliest times

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    ers, Tapflers, Vintners, Letter-Carriers, Porters in the eyes, viz, in the left of Men, an d right of Wo- pale Green , or a little of the Silver colour 5 of fa-

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    2. The Stage of Collapse — Spasmodic griping pains are felt and de- pression of the powers of circulation and resjjiration come on, attended

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    duced much more vigorous local reactions, which took longer to heal and were frequently accompanied by fever nd axillary adenitis, Estlin (1839) noted that after 48

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    removed, there would be no pressure upon the ears nor need of a spring-clamp. Chloride of Ammonium Inhaler (The Kloram) — Mr. Frank A. Rogers lias

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    occasion, no doubt during an unusual wordy session, Don Garcia, in calling "was a rare distinction." "I am quoting this," he says, "because there was no

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    peace. So he engaged in practice, and continued until his death in 1867. His services were, highly appreciated by many. The following testimonials give interesting information of

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    pleine de reverence a I'egard des dieux " This is an impos- sible rendering of irphs Qeuiv ivrifx'jis Keip.ivr), ph3'sicians may be the means, the gods are the cause, of cures

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    ric — (j. Hydro-hyettrique, Pregnancy, hydro-hys- co-hyetSriqne, Pregnancy, sarco-hysteric — g. Sar- nancy, solitary — g. Solitaire. Pregnancy, solitary

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    erator. Captain Nicholson, Dick Thomas and Tommy Poole de vised a wondrous brick structure that was the temporary envy of

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    bones forming the lower portion of the hock, and the upper extremities of cannon and lower hock bones (Figs. 46 and 47).

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    cause all lesions lying over the motor area do not cause epilepsy we must conclude there is a susceptibility in some patients and not in others. Before undertaking

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    term urdhvajatru denotes the body from the neck upwards. (2) The term jatru signifies the base of the neck. Others explain it as the joint of breast-bone and collar-bone.

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    aplea him mon pela fceappena on |7am pcancan Jjonne iTip mon punbije pi] hif peonb to jepeohtanne frsej Isep he mejnje "j ]7onne he niman pille sep j-unnan

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    particularly towards the evening. He was was dismissed the apartment. He again very dry, and his eyes were yellow. When vomited once or twice; but since that

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    Dr. Silas Hamilton. In 1843 he became a student at Ohio University at Athens, Ohio, remaining there two years. He then commenced the study of medicine

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    transferred to Madison, Wisconsin, August 2, 1864, where Surgeon H. Culbertsori, U. S. V., reported a "shell fracture of the

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