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    ten. aleuyn. twelue. thyrtene. fowrtene. fyftene. syxtene. seuentyne. eyghtene. nyntene. twenty, one and twenty. Good morow, my syr ! Boniis dies, nusirt a talk in itauan

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    tion of this still remains, and the malic acid is the last The last stage of this important process is fiutrrfac- tion, in which the extractive matter is still more com-

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    quick and hard pulse, the arteries of the neck throb, and delirium. The senses are morbidly acute, there being intolerance of light and sound.

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    and there the pus passes forward in the splenic flexure to reach the He considers the main cause of a subphrenic abscess is gravitation.

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    Toronto, Can. ; asst. fel. and assoc. biolog., Johns Hop., 1876-81 ; prof, physiol, Univ. Mich., 1882-89; Denver, 1890; mem. sec. Colo. St. Bd.

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    tions of a comprehensive, depoliticized plan of action, and assign a properly prepared budget recommendation to accompany the plan.

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    to an extent dependent upon the amonnt of the fluid prenent. The pleura may be normal or thicJccned and cloudy. More or Its

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    The cycle of infection progresses as follows: there is a snail vector and an alternation of generations between the worm which

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    moleculaire qui a lieu dans !e sue jaune de cetre plante ; tre- pidation qu'ou peut observer dans les parties transparentes

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    ' rum reduced to powder. The flowers of the Pyrethrum caucasicum are also stated to be used for the same purpose. Peter's Pius. Aloes, jalap, gamboge, and seammony, of

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    and mill-sweepings, shorts or bran, placing first a layer of two or three inches of manure ; then a layer of earth or rich loam ; upon

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    c) Raizes superficiaes : muitas arvores, alem de sua raiz principal, tem raizes que se dispoem quasi radialmente, Jia superficie do solo, ele-

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    even a number of small ones in a circumscribed area, may be drained with some benefit. "Widespread foci, either unilateral or bilateral, will not be benefited by

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    limbs, generative excitement, spasms, paralysis, hyperthermia, perspiration. Symptoms in cattle : irritability, restlessness, alert head, ears, eyes, squint-

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    A paper read before the American Association of Fhnt and Lime Glass Manufacturers, at the annual meeting at Atlantic City, N. J.,

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    detected by examination, and therefore such examination is usually Arteritis and thrombosis of arteries are rare, and although lesions

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    civihan and military medical experiences. Famous surgeons in the various branches of our service will give the attend- ing physicians and surgeons the benefit of their work.

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    matic, an anodyne, antispasmodic, cordial, and attenuant. Boerhaave ranks it among narcotic poisons ; and, in case of an imprudent dose, orders a vomit and acidulated

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    a choice selection of the more important continental works. This is followed by the IMPROVEMENTS AND DISCOVERIES IN THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

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    are used for deterging ainaous or fiatuloos nlcen : duated compass. — eompa§ de proportum, — ni ed at pectation — m. Lfffnle, Medicine, legal — m. Jtiii'

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    rens ages, elle n'a pas produit d'effets bien varies, outre qu'elle n'a pas paru etreun purgatif bien actif. Aucontraire,

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    bei den Gehirnen der heutigen Fellahs beobachtete. Eine ausführliche Publi- In der No. 30 des „Progrh médicaV macht Noir auf zwei neuere Publika-

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    that it differed in important details from H. mallei, growing rapidly on ])cptone agar, producing early wrinkling on glycerin agar, a pellicle on

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    100 BOORDE ON FOGEYNliiSS, PRIAPISMUS, WEBB IN THE EYE. [§ 43. B. boke, specially tliis mater, wyl laughe me to scorne ; but for all that,

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