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    eight years of age, and men in the most advanced age have been its victims. Tragedies, music and romances are also pow- erful causes. M. M. Fodere and Djglas observed that sui-
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    wording of that verse is marked by some peculiarities. It runs Literally this means : ' two (bones) each in the knees, cheeks,
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    Coll., 1899; med. jurisp., 1900; mem. Assn. Mil. Surgs. U. S.; Am. Med. Assn.; Am. Acad. Med., Rail. Surgs.; Am. Med. Ed. Assn.;
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    bijugate ; leaflets obovate or oval, obtuse, and evergreen. Flowers light History. —This tree is an inhabitant of the West Indian Islands, and
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    visit in his posthumous "Observations on Italy" (1825), one of the best books of travel ever written by a physician. This work is
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    called also antipharmica, and caco alexeteria. Medicines to preserve the body against the power of poisons, or to correct or expel those taken into the machine ; the.
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    The address of the President asked for reform in the Coroner Law. Most of the concentrated effort of the men present was legal in nature, and the
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    reasoning of this and other primitive peoples. Torquemada goes on to say that this statue was carried in solemn procession to the temple
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    protective inoculations ; recovered horse is re-inoculated until a high grade of resistance is secured and his blood used to immunize.
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    Is there a problem with a national law versus State laws that say, certain types of behavior that these communities might be en-
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    M. Littre draws, from a variety of sources, much interesting matter in illustration of § 500 of the ' Coacse Prainotiones :'
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    Gates perceived and understood the ideological functions of medicine. Some of his thoughts were implicit understandings of
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    Ossiferous, os-if f -er-us. Bearing or producing bone-tissue. Ossification, os-if-ik-a f -shun. The formation of bone. Ossifluent. Breaking down and softening the bony tissues.
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    themselves have, together with which, at the last day, which is the end of those elements, it will perish. Hence it follows that all things which are
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    duction of the list into the Institutes may be due to that commentator that it only occurs in two MSS., viz. Nos. 12 and 17. In the critical
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    Complexus, kom-pleks '-us . The totality of the symptoms of a dis- ease. C. Mus'cle, the broad muscle of the back of the neck.
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    point out the early traces of, this connection in the Greek authors; and Rhazes certainly, in many instances, work is theoretical, and the other practical. Haiy,
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    separate conjoined sisters (Marie- Adele) born in Switzerland on June 26th. Unhappily, they were very feeble and life was despaired of when the opera-
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    Zoodermic (zo-o-dur' -inik\. Pertaining to or taken Zoogenous (zo-oj'-e7i-us\ [Cuov, animal; ytvvav to- Zoogony {zo-oj'-oti-e). See Zoogenesis (Illus Diet )
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    in good health, one-third poor, the remaining indefinite. Complaints included fatigability, headaches, backache, dys- menorrhea, shortness of breath, "heart trouble," asthma,




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