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    this condition it is called pulque, and is used as an exhilarating bever- age. The natives can drink large quantities of this liquor without get-
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    questions about the radiation hazard faced by the crew of the proposed airplane. The NEPA and RW groups considered important, but still discrete,
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    sary at first, and we must not underestimate the quantity of milk necessary to keep the colt in good condition. It should be
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    great army of adventurers, card-sharpers, quacks, and other financial crooks who flourished in the eighteenth century suc-
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    people talk aboiit "northeasters ;" and a northeast wind, with rain, results from an area of low barometer situated southwest of us, and, as a rule,
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    tion, always follow ; they are afterwards succeeded by diarrhoea and The disease is easily curable if seen in its earlier stages, but after
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    of the neck of a rib. C. colli superior, one on the fenestrae rotundae, the sharp border of the fenestra Froitlal '.\\\\i%. Diet.). C. glutseorum, the intertro-
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    stibio'sus seu stihia'lis, Tartris lixiv'icB stihia'tus, Deato-tartras potas'scB et stih'ii, Tar'tarus eniet'- icus seu stihia'tus, Tar'tarum emet'icum, Antinio'-
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    that they are discernible, not only in preparations specifically stained, but in those stained by the Mallory-Azan technique in which the mitochondria are
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    Tho pregnant uteruti occupies the floor of the abdominal eavity. In the mare, it is displaced somewhat to th« left by the petrie
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    to accelerate his recovery ; and I succeeded in restoring him to perfect health, in the short space of two months. When relieved from his hemiplegy, I presented him to the
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    Palate — f. Patellaris, see Hyaloid membrane — f. Perinsei, Perineal fossa — f. Pituitaria, Sella Tur- distinguished into anterior, middle, and posterior,
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    The building will include 12,000 square feet of floor space, and will make use of radiant panel heating through- out. The new Ubrary will have space immediately available
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    Particular environments are venerated in some religions. Hindus designate the River Ganges as holy [Gopal 1988]. Pre-Christain religions often regarded caves as holy places. Holy
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    scriptions (in non-technical language) of the rise and development of the railroad systems in all parts of the world. By Archibald
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    Opothyroidin'um. A preparation from the thyroid, recommended Oppilation, op-il-a'-shun. 1. Obstruction. 2. Constipation.
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    special request of James Madison, who asked Clark "to descend in the recital even to minutia" and that "in collecting materials you will not
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    ! The pelvis is a bouy eanty in the posterior part of the body, I which prolongs tlic abdominal cavity bctweica ths MKnim and the
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    this accident, the Resident issued an order that the durbar should establish an asylum for such persons. I was consulted
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    He was now told that, as feeling had returned to the arm, the power of movement would be restored shortly. Adrian and Yealland remark that laymen seem to consider that loss
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    two other ounces of blood were thrown in ; soon after th"n the pulse at the wrist intermitted, and there was slight res-
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    thereto. The parotid gland is drawn forward and an incision is made parallel to and through the fibres of the stylomuxillarifl
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    rage for compound medicines seems to have begun with Themison, but it increased with his followers, particu- Galen, to whom the materia medica is greatly indebted
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    are drowned in the sea, and are devoured by the fishes. Now, if a sperm, constituted in exaltation, were to perish by immersion, and, having been consumed by a fish, were again exalted within it. a certain operation would undoubtedly




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