• Diclofenac Potasico Es Lo Mismo Que Cataflam

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    the presence of air between the lobules of the lung. intermaxillary, in-ter-maks' -il-a-re. Between the maxillary bones.

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    (KtnaLits in a " central ulTcction of the medulla oblongata ha-ving its seat ill the olivary Ixidies, uiid in the gray matter Ijing £ir hack be-

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    Kap. 197. Würmer, die in den Geschwüren entstanden sind, werfen hinaus : Fein gestossener Wegerich als Umschlag und die Asche der

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    agulation, in Hewson's view, was due to the formation in the plasma of this insoluble substance, which he called "coagulable

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    forward. The wounds, which bled jirofusely, were dressed with lint and adhesive strips. He became weak from loss of blood,

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    received or not, attributing the phenomenon to the dynamic effect of a permanent change in the blood during life. 2 In the

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    of the supernatural, shows a tendency to facile and is very closely allied to Fracliires, and is supposed by Galen to have been originally combined with it as a single work.

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    vexity of the crystaline lens. If this is of such a degree that the rays are focussed before they reach the retina, it is called myopia. If ac-

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    taken up in the circulation, which cannot be assimilated nor undergo solution in the animal fluids, and which, ofcourse being not only incongeuial to the formation and growth of

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    blood to the quantity necessary, as construction is going on at each successive stroke of the heart. They limit the action of

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    a recurrence of this trouble when with his regiment at the front Captain Anthony Traill was the second son of Mr. and Mrs. E. B.

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    the vesicles." This is evidently an incorrect account of the ancient division, in which no distinction was made between the

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    testicle because the old surgeons wanted to obliterate spect and says that he has seen many cases hi which and this is a case where the lesser of two evils is to

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    birth, or by obstruction of the pulmonary artery, thereby withholding the blood from the lungs and preventing arterialization. It is a disease

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    prince, and he was to return to his kingdom after seven years. It happened as Daniel had said : "Nebuchadnezzar was driven from men, and did

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    fits (loss of consciousness) [and yellowness of the face and eyes are the features which distinguish the Pittaja type (of Panatyaya). Vomiting, shivering and water-

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    revealed two other wounds in the intestinal canal one in the jejunum, the other in the ascending colon. There was no faecal extravasation, however, fatal gangrene of the small

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    though themselves incapable of producing the disease, become active and infective in consequence of the local irritation produced by the

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    with the formation of methaemoglobin. Nephritis and granular degene- Treatment consists in administering raw eggs, albumen, milk, muci-

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    in 100 c.c. of 70'J alcohol, 15 c.c. of strong nitric acid, and 5 c.c. of glacial acetic acid. Of this add 12 c.c. to 100 c.c. of \'fc sodium chlorid solution.

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    book supplies information as to the proper attitude OGY, by Lawrence R. Wharton, Ph.B., M.D., Associate in Gynecology, the Johns Hopkins Medical School. 444




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