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    attiré l'attention. Il est aussi reconnu évident que dans plusieurs quartiers de la ville beaucoup de personnes ont souffert d'une maladie mal-diag-
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    temporal, by a fi'agmeiit ofsliell. Treated at field and McKim's hospitals. Deserted August 13th, 18C'2. Not on Pension List.
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    Lax'-a-tive. A mild purgative ; a medicine that loosens the bowels. Le'-sion. A rupture or tearing of the flesh ; a wound.
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    was merged into the University of Toronto, and until the Medical Department was abolished. Dr. Nicol was M.D. of the University, and for many years he was Dean of the Medical
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    cause all lesions lying over the motor area do not cause epilepsy we must conclude there is a susceptibility in some patients and not in others. Before undertaking
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    tion is termed " pseudo-membranous, croupal, or diphtheritic enteritis." This form is only a variety of acute enteritis, but is grave, because
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    I to tbe end of another, i.e., the systolic and diastolic movements with How do arteries and veins differ in (a) structure, (b) function What
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    Indians Torture Colonel Crawford and Surgeon John Knight The fate of the captives is almost too harrowing to relate. They
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    3 daies continuly, \vith rayne watre or rennyng watre. 12 Also of fam fat restreynef blode bene f ise : Mumme, bole armoniac, sang dracon, thure, aloe, vitriol combust, puluer
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    heart, without external .,p,. mjia]! The valves and musclc was no trace of aneurism or old disease. In the r. auricle, between the coronary artery and the entry of the v. cava.
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    First, let me say a word about rosaries, the invention of which has been attributed to St. Dominick, in Spain, and to St. Bridget, in Ireland.
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    and lastly strained. Camphor, musk, stoiax and the substance called I miMi should he added after the process of boiling is finished, and I
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    moral, as he was insolent and ignorant in his medical, character. His precepts were generally dictated in fits of intoxication ; and he owned to one of his favoured
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    junction with a Web browser such as Netscape, thereby creating an interactive graphical display system. When used with Netscape, Mapview allows the user to retrieve
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    tuted. Should the bandages be opened on the second day, the wound will not be sufficiently united, and it will retard the cure,
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    at South 8ylhet in the cold weather of 1878-79 ; and in Mauritius {Lovell and Davidson), having t>een indicate that it apj}ears at times in other partB of
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    threatened or existing sympathetic inflammation of its fellow." Attention had been called to the occurrence of idiopathic hemorrhage into the
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    an extremely high scientific standard and not waver in our commit- The human genome sequence is part of that commitment. A more
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    z.B. im Jahre 1673 den Chirurgus Stein. Man verlangte auch öfters sein Gutachten, ob irgend eine Person aus der Umgebung des Zaren an einer
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    until he rests in his grave. But why has the physician allowed this Can we doubt that there is a remedy which shall kill the microbe or neutralize its
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    size. They did not eat frogs, snakes, lizards, mussels or snails. Of turtles they ate only the soft-shell and snapping turtles. They considered the
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