• Promethazine For Stomach Virus

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    70 tyeiev rj clvtos Kap<f)Betr), irdvTCL dv to, eVto'eV- paTa KiveoiTO' aXX(o< ts dcrr)pi] 1) eTriBeaiv r) Te TavTr) Trj GTevoyjMpir} yiveTav Ta T€ av irepi ttjv

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    venomed arrow, or in a case of poisoning of any kind, where putrefaction has set in, the putrid flesh of the incidental ulcer should be judiciously removed and the

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    nostrils, and which ameliorates in the night or on the application of cold, should be ascribed to the action of Siroroga. A fit of headache in which the head (palate)

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    crown.s for the vacant post of royal ])Iiysician. Buckle states that the average French doctor's fee was as low as that of an ]Mifz;lish farrier. According to tlie

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    waters are also frequently used with success. Zinc has been occasionally employed, but we believe no other metal in the later periods, since the cordial and dia-

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    An'kyrism. Articulation by one hone hooking upon another. Ankyroid, ang-kir'-oid. Hook-shaped. A. Cav'ity, the descending

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    1898. Sir Richard Douglas Powell, Bart., M.D. : " On the 1899. Dr. Samuel Gee : " The Causes and Forms of Bronchitis 1900. Dr. W. B. Cheadle : "On some Cirrhoses of the Liver."

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    ganglion on the root of the vagus. In the neck it gives off a branch that supplies the stylo-pharyngeus muscle and pharyngeal branches that

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    arteries, were, in a few instances, made the subjects of special reports The anterior and posterior circumflex, the superior profunda, anastomotica magna, and the inner digitals of

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    nus, vel postea facta exulceratione, deinde per cicatricem aure repleta ut foramen in eo nullum sit, ideoque audiendi sensu

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    taste and odor, soluble in alcohol ; boils at 94° C; sp. limpid, fragrant, oily liquid soluble in ether ; boils at a thick, oily, bitter liquid, soluble in water, alcohol,

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    2. Gonorrhaa is a very common cause of iritis. According to Lang.' these cases generally occur in men where there is an infection of the

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    rtary call the late John Barrymore to invite him to a party. The great John politely murmured into the tele- phone. "I have a previous engagement which I shall make

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    acute infections, peptic ulcers and thrombophlebitis, lates that any convulsive shock tends to alter endo- (J. E. Bradley. \r.n.. ct al.. B.iltimnre. in Jl. Pediatrics, Jan.Q

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    of effecting a permanent organization. Four days later the group re- assembled and, after adopting a constitution, elected officers and named

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    the seeds in proper time. He began with a grain, and seldom found it necessary to proceed beyond three or tions on the Poisonous Vegetables in Great Britain ;

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    Siemens, Werner i.e. Ernst Werner von, 1816-1892. 620.9281 S5711 "°" Lebenserinnerungen von Werner von Siemens. Mit dem Bildniss




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