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    and in whom a pulmonary abscess had been treated by this method six years before. The area of the abscess was entirely replaced by fibrous tissue. If

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    tyme (a color of bawdry) somtyme (that it is a let for a man to geue himself the desyer of flesh) making himself therin wyser then God, who gaue it for a

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    Grosvenor, Randolph Lea, 75, Oakleii-street, Chelsea. s.W; Grosvenor, Wilshaw William, M.D. Durh., Gloucester. Grote, Robert George Ernest, 182, Worple-rd, Wimbledon, s.w,

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    r) eVtoWt toO ax>]paro<; avpfyepei r) avri]. rjv puev ovv iKavr) r) Kardraai<i r) drrb rcov dvBpoiv ri, 40 raais dwb rwv dvBpcov, Kai rcov aXXcov rivd ro>v

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    tinae, see Foramen centrale — 1. Posterior corporis as an antiscorbutic, &c. It is a species of lemon, Lime, Calx — 1. Carbonate of, Greta — 1. Chloride

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    were given in small quantities at a time. At the end of the sixth week, he was able to walk about the hospital with a cane, and,

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    Back at Fosse Ten the Nursing Sections and Headquarters Details were kept very busy. Every available officer and man was pressed into service. Even the batmen and mess-orderlies

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    in the manner to be described when treating of ulcers. When the gland is in a state of inflammation, it is to be mitigated by

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    1 Special works on the diseases of the prostate, where the effects of mechanical lesions arc sometimes incidentally adverted to, are those by HOME

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    threw her into a fire, from whence she was rescued by a Frenchman. After apprehension, the court sentenced the prisoner to receive "100

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    be given to a patient suffering from an attack of Tri- with (one Pala of) tepid water with benefit to a patient before sun-rise in Tridoshaja fever. Moreover, it acts as a

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    I think that s a good note to end on, so I d like to thank you ,■ The past thirty years, beginning with the reorganization of the

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    guides." For example, in a June 27, 1956, letter to the the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board, a Tulane University public health researcher agreed that

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