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    10 a.m. in Davidge I lall. ['lease coniai t the 1 xccutive Director or any member ol the Board ol Directors prior to May 7 with your
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    Work in the Bacteriological Department, 1914 — 1919. 347 partment at Guy's was able to place nearly half a million doses
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    of ChilonS'Sur Saone, the remainder of the departments of the nops; while oifaen, again, have subsiitmc<i young blocks for
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    will suffice for all general surgical work with the chest unopened. For the remainder of the ana-sthesia one has merely to vary the percentage
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    COLD. See also Cold in the head, Freezing, and the various organs affected with cold in sense of inflammation ; also c. or pain in bowels. Tormina ; Enteralgia ; Eilema.
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    In many instances what is styled a mole is merely a pregnancy. It is said, indeed, that in the former case the belly increases more rapidly than in pregnancy, and
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    was one study in which a patient was rebreathing carbon dioxide before he even got pyridostigmine and had something that looked like
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    bellum — 1. Superior anterior, see Cerebellum — 1. called local — Morbus Loca'lis, — when confined to a part, without implicating the general system ;
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    admiits of being divided into two distinct types accord- ingly as the body of the patient is curved internally (Antaraiyama, lit:— inwardly or forwardly extended,
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    plexion of the member, for attraction is the property of heat. (55) Another cause thereof, is the very great pain of the
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    ally there will be seen a glairy nanal discharge. Cardiac weakness. Treatment: Dietetic measures .sueb as a laxative diet, conccn-
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    mittees dealing with Reunion. Budget and Finance, Bylaws, Awards, Nominations, Davidge Hall, Executive and The Bulletin \1.im proposals and policies are studied
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    shell, and use. For those who have been scourged, the skin of a sheep newly taken off, when applied while yet Avarm, of all remedies cures the soonest, effecting this purpose in a day
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    a trifling improvement of the lumbar contracture. There were no longer any spasmodic crises or respiratory disturb- ances. There was a slight serous exudation from the wound.
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    times given as the vehicle for administering castor oil, (see page 231). Cow's urine is used in the preparation of various medi-
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    Gelpi: In 1959 he published a rather large monograph on malaria in the Eastern Province, which was included as a supplement to its
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    text of V, which seems to be the simple original, altered by various hands to the fuller text found in our other MSS. The variants include 5« or 5' before av, the omission of hv,
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    adheres to the diaphragm and pleura. He remained a pensioner in March, 1872. CASE 382. Private Hardin received, at Richmond, Kentucky, August 29, 1862, a shot perforation from near the xiphoid
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    grayish infiltrated tissue surrounding each pulmonary lobulette which appear set in, as in mosaic on the surface of a section.
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    Although this protocol specifies cancer patients as potential subjects, evidently the deliberate choice was made later by the experimenters to select
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    72. O'Reilly, J. N., and Gloyne, S. R.: Lancet 241:423, 1941. 73. Steigmann, F., and Singer, H. A.: Amer. Jl. Med. Scis. 192:67, 1936.
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