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    opinion among military surgeons in the war of the Rebellion appeared to be that it was always well to complete the diagnosis, for nothing can be better than the entire truth;
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    by the hospital at Adams and Paulina streets. Enough money was expended upon this shabby old barn to make it fairly comfortable. On the first floor
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    few wordes to them, excepte it be for reprehensyon, or speak iittie to gentyll reformacyon, yf they haue any wytte or perse-
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    The differential diagnosis from brachial plexus lesions is often difficult. Signs of concomitant loss of conduc- tion in the cord, even if only due to concussion, Avould
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    cases have suffered, would be a wrong so grievous as to be In the same way the wife must be cautious and circum- spect in relation to the choice of lady friends and acquain-
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    ha tambem especies do genero Inglisia que apresentam discos cribri- Nesta especie o grande espinho estigmatico e pouco maior que os
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    carbohydrate, and no protein. When thiamin chloride is made available as the sole representative of the vitamin B complex they eat carbohydrate, little
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    abstinence from exciting pursuits, will usually efi"ect a cure if a InCOntinency of Urine. — This is rather a troublesome
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    Drachme Hartheusamen, i Drichmc Blilter vom syrischen Gliedkraut mit Wein; ferner Kichererbsen gekocht gegessen, auch gewürzt mit der
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    G. D. Hulett advised extreme flexion. In this test there will be pain at the weakest points. This can with advantage be used in cases of
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    A subsequent report states the patient's right arm to be paralyzed and atrophied. Case. — Private A. Perkerson, Co. A. 13th Virginia Cavalry, was womnled at the battle of Gettysburg, July, 1863, by a
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    Commissioner of Pensions, dated March, 1868, states that he is a pensioner, and that his disability is rated at two-thirds and
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    times given as the vehicle for administering castor oil, (see page 231). Cow's urine is used in the preparation of various medi-
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    fresh laboratory accommodation has proved extremely difficult. I shall be glad if yoai will also convey to your colleagues my thanks for
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    about the liver, then is the sore sharper than the sore of the inflammation which is on the liver itself, and thou mayest by that understand that the disorder is
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    called syncope, if the cause be hot : sour milk, when the butter pears, and sweet-smelling apples. If the cause be cold give
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    neurileraa of a nerve, or the tu- in applying the moxa are of the nic of a vessel, it is perfectly most simple kind : a porte aguille
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    piece of lead to be bound firmly over the worm so that it may be made to crawl out gradually, which, however, he says, will
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    tlon. Hesults of vaccination shall be reoorded on the health record aoA mperted (b) No recruit in tbe Nary or Marine Corps shall be transferred frooi a tralb-
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    ""• A short history of education; being a reprint of the article by Oscar Browning on Education in the ninth edition of the Ency-
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    of the genital organs in the male, and possibly also in the female. A prominent feature of cases in which pineal tumour has developed in
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    containing turpentine, castor oil, etc., aided by stimulating ' Lin cases ofaparalytic state of the intestinal canal, which,
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    was received enthusiastically here in Philadelphia, and spread rapidly to Europe. George Washington bought him- self a pair. Incidentally, his diaries show that at one time
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    que la température monterait on donnerait toutes les 2 ou 3 heures 0,30 centigr. Bell et Schober ont employé avec succès l'extrait de substance mammaire
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    tic name of the eatable purslane. See urns used by laundresses, or bleachers. Pertulaca. The use of alkali, in this case, is to com-
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    ideas Huxley was indeed the ablest modern interpreter. A master man who mined his health by sedentary labors, he was, in the cir-
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    severe headache sets in and is generally a prominent feature. For the most part the pain is concentrated about the forehead, in the circuraorbital region, and
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    trol elements. Next most important is the variations that occur in these components, in these component parts, and how they occur
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