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    calculus which weighed six pounds. In his statistics in 1883 Cross collected reports on 704 stones, and remarked that only nine of these weighed above
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    when the heart-beat was timed and recorded at seventy. Would we expect to find or would we have reason to expect the heart
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    nerves — superior and inferior — proceed from the il'io-scrotal, il'io-hypogas'tricus — which divides superior, and is distributed as its name, il'io-in'-
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    ties, peoples of all continents, are represented. A more susceptible to dental caries than others. Spe- serve as the origin and insertion for the muscles of
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    ment d'obus a distance. Presse med., Par., 1915, v. 23, pp. 452-453. Roussy et Boisseau. Discussion de accidents nerveux par la deflagration ex-
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    deltoid muscle, the fragments of the humerus were taken out and the ends of the bone sawed off, removing altogether about two inches. Operator, Surgeon E. Bentley, U. S. V. Patient reacted and progressed well
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    Richards was dead and Rood and King severely wounded. For the time being satisfied with this information, the rioters retired
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    stand, you make him continuously raise his eyes to see you. Be as motionless as possible and never gesticulate in speaking to the
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    group is an African genetic trait, shared to a lesser extent by Middle East populations and Americans of African descent. This cluster of
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    Towel Forceps. — Messrs. Ferris & Co. send us a light pattern of towel forceps, made at the suggestion of Dr. B. G. A. Moynihan, of Leeds, which is
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    James Blake, of Indianapolis, President pro tem of the company, says 51 For full sketches of Jesse L. Williams see Stuart's Lives and Works of Civil
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    the depth of an inch or more. In its passage it had cut several arteries, the haemorrhage from which had been the cause of
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    to the Queen's Hospital, Birmingham ; Examiner in Medicine for the University of Lonihni. Complete Ca.talog:ue of Mr. Lewis's Publications post -free.
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    is also a chronic form in which the skin is thickened and crusts are formed. Causes — 1. Detention, when it is due to nerve-irritation.
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    1 La pratique en chirurg;io du maistre Guidon de Chauliac, Lyon, Bartl elemy Buyer, 1478. The Latin text (Chirurgia) was first printed at Venic
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    David Teniers le Jeune. La scène se passe dans un de ces intérieurs rustiques pauvrement achalandée. Ici, les personnages se réduisent au malade et an
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    about three inches to the left of the umbilicus, and parallel with it. the epiploon protruding about three inches; the howels were
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    innocent sunshine, and which alone is calculated to inspire their tender hearts with sentiments of true love towards their Creator
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    Dean Gipe entered the York Hospital School of Nursing. Since graduation. Miss Gipe has received both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree. In addition she acquired
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    a pussionario Magistri Bartholomei qui sic incipit : ' Assiduis peticionibus mi karissime compendiose morborum signa causas et curas inscriptis
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    removed, there would be no pressure upon the ears nor need of a spring-clamp. Chloride of Ammonium Inhaler (The Kloram) — Mr. Frank A. Rogers lias
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    Badereise. Berzelius von einförmiger Krystall-Gestalt boy gleicher quantita- tiver Verbindung verschiedener Salze mit Wasser. 3) Zu Tische mit Sinner.
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