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    left groin one-half inch to the outside of the femoral artery and half an inch below Poupart s ligament, extending backward;

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    he offered his "services in the practice of medicine and surgery," etc., "in Mr. Papin's house opposite Mr. Landreville's storehouse, July 11,

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    eases is made more complete, and is kept upon a level with the progress of modern science. It is the best Medical Superintendent of the Devon Lunatic Asylum. Visiting Medical Officer to the York Retreat.

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    Colorido semelhante ao da femea, mas geralmente muito mais pal- lido. Palpos amarellos, de femur curvo, com dois espinhos dorsaes ; pa-

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    CASE 1090. Private T. M. Peterson, Co. D, 32d C. T., aged 25 years, \vas treated, l>y Surgeon C. M. Wight, 32d C. T.,

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    discovered the Eustachian tube, the thoracic duct, the suprarenal bodies, and the abducens nerve; described the origin of the

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    o; Toronto, and to Professor Francis J. Shepherd, of McGill University. Both stand in the front ranks of their profession.

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    enjoined; but af>er a few days the patient was removed to Washington. Here he was attended by Surgeon General C. A. and brevetted Colonel March 13th, 1865. In April, 1866, he was examined at the Surgeon General's Office. His health was

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    "<"" Ueber die Petroleumindustrie und den Petroleumhandel. Mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung der rumanischen Oelfelder

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    B. Pill, a pill made from blue mass, q. v. B. Stone. See B. Vitriol. B. Vis'ion, cyanopia. B. Vit'riol, cupric sulphate.

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