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    CoMM. Commentary. See Aetius (\ii, 66) ; Celsus (vii, 7) ; Albu- " ' ' casis (Chirui'g. ii, 15) ; Avenzoar (i, 8, 5) ; Avicenna (iii, 8,

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    a soldier by means of three intramuscular injections of the Ornstein Paulus records a fatal case, one of a group of four who had all typical

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    pie syrup. Syrupus simplex. " Take of re- Amongst the vulgar, syrup of saffron is in fined sugar, two pounds andahall ; water, high esteem in n.easles, small-pox, &c.

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    well-defined views of the object he wishes to accomplish, and has duly studied ani thoroughly understands the principles on which it

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    blancs sont eux-mêmes touchés. Citons les principales léproseries du pic des Monts, de Tlle des Chèvres et du Cap Bocage; ces léproseries sont

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    that in contusion sometimes only the outer plate of the skull is contused, but the inner is depressed upon the dura mater. This is a case of which we have examples

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    bone had exfoliated, and the wound was granulating and looking well, when, on August 10th, typhoid fever set in, and tlie case

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    from the throats of four drunken men who then entered the house, the party comprising Rutherford and his companions in evil. They eyed

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    BIBLIOTHECA MEDico-PBACTicA at Geneva, in 1698, &c. in four thick folio volumes; and, twenty-six years afterwards, the BIBLIOTHECA CHIRURGICA, in volumes equally numerous

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    left elbow joint on the anterior face, and was extracted on June llth from the posterior part of the joint, together with several

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    show themselves, but are only occasionally severe. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, coldness of the extremities, and strangury

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    quelque addition," seems very strange. One might conjec- • Before -napa Zwinger adds av, but in the Corpus the plain optative is often ecpaivalent to the optative with av.

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    patient returned to his store. July 2nd he consult- in top of head, inability to concentrate. He stated that he had a recurrence of his .sinusitis. A pains-

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    with a copious quantity of water and with honey (and sugar) — should be given, instead of any other diet (e.g ing appears to be the belter one, it being supported by Charaka as well.

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    gischen Dichtungen und Schaustellungen benutzt, in denen der Tod mit den verschiedenen, von ihm zum Tanze aufgeforderten Menschen ein Wechsel-

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    demands. If it is necessary to grant presents to the savages, you will have the kindness to furnish what shall be necessary provided it shall

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    evening. The plant has not yet found a place in the Co RTEX JITBAB.C is brought to us from the East In- dies ; but the tree is unknown, and its powers, if we

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