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    Of the cases here referred to, but two have been positively identified, the case of Williams, printed on page 504, and that of Private G. W. Ryerson, 9th Maine Volunteers.f
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    by heat, not by great heat, nor great cold, but by medium heat. Usually there is more heat in the liver, and the urine is thicker in ascites, because of the humours present therein.
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    the leg, flex the thigh, and raise the body from the sitting to the stand- The Tailor's Muscle — The sartorius, the longest muscle in the body,
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    new occupation, informs us that Dr. Temple received the appointment of mail-carrier through the influence of Postmaster-General Amos Ken-
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    is red in color. R. ficosa. See .S)'cojw ( 1 1 his. Diet.). variolosa, Rayer's name for a rash sometimes observed on the face in the ])rodromic stage of smallpox, ap])ear-
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    of appetite, arrest of rumination, and frequent attempts to urinate. These attempts are painful, are accompanied by groaning, and end in
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    of the British at Amboyna (1623), the subject of Dryden's play, are features of their clash with the Dutch. Their surest hold was destined to be in the penin-
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    its face and scalp. There was a boy by the name of Bissieu'' who from the earliest age had a pain in one of his left ribs ; this rib was larger than the rest
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    Miss Helen Battle, of Rocky Mount, N. C, were married Dr. William Forrest Elliott, 60, prominent eye, ear and throat specialist of Lincolnton, N. C, died suddenly of a
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    non-illusivencss of Buddhi ( intellect ) and the sense- organs, whereas a coursing of the said Vayu in a de- ranged condition through the aforesaid Sirds (vessels),
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    retentions has been the rule in Fenwick's wards for some years. With regard to prostatectomy in two stages, Cabot draws the
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    1863. Rerg t O. P. liabcock, Co. II, 207th Pennsylvania, left radius, Petersburg, April 2, 1865; haemorrhage April 12th, proximal and distal ends of
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    coverer of nitric acid and aqua regia and the describer of distilla- tion, filtration, sublimation, water-baths, and other essentials of
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    than a thousand illustrations; third edition. The Williams 5- Wilkins Company, Mt. Royal k Guilford Aves., Balti- their complications are presented in the time order
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    know the answer to that question." 71 Commanders needed to know "How much Cooney argued that human experimentation was necessary. He invoked
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    may safely class them under the two heads of acute and chronic ; those associated more especially with the vagina, and those which involve the condition of the uterus itself.
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    Of the many important advances in diagnostic procedure we niav mention the graphic method of investigating ihe pulse introduced by Karl Vierordt
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    grated and reduc«d to nn oxyde or a mrbonate by acids Okw.vt. iUclf, we may readily conceive, thnl aemted wtitcre nrc ciiialgta.
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    with sterile saline and injected the quinine solution, and repeated the operation on subsequent occasions, with ultimate recovery of the
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    diabetes and prostatic troubles of several j-ears' duration, was considered a bad surgical risk. Finally, the urinary condition became so urgent




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