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    regarding it. It need not be further discussed here; for no instance in which a fatal result was ascribed to such a cause was reported during the war. There were cases, however, in
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    may safely class them under the two heads of acute and chronic ; those associated more especially with the vagina, and those which involve the condition of the uterus itself.
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    Of the many important advances in diagnostic procedure we niav mention the graphic method of investigating ihe pulse introduced by Karl Vierordt
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    grated and reduc¬ęd to nn oxyde or a mrbonate by acids Okw.vt. iUclf, we may readily conceive, thnl aemted wtitcre nrc ciiialgta.
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    with sterile saline and injected the quinine solution, and repeated the operation on subsequent occasions, with ultimate recovery of the
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    diabetes and prostatic troubles of several j-ears' duration, was considered a bad surgical risk. Finally, the urinary condition became so urgent
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    Dialled outliiag aalis&cLory. There was nothing Icfl but to flunpccl tui " inlrarascular apoplexy," which did out at all expluiu the uc-L-urrciicQ
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    sa'lie, Veaa'nia mania, (F.) if ante, Hyperphrfnie, called: if to one object, it constitutes monomania. and which has been fully described l>y Ilecker in
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    of this difficulty. The salts alone, however, will generally effect a cure, as will an equivalent dose of linseed oil or hog's lard.
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    motions of blowing, while, inside the tent, Temperton actually blew the all-important call. Colonel Farmer looked, listened
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    pelvic disturbances are depicted in the abdominal wall. It may be an enlargement or simply a tenderness. The abdominal wall extends from
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    tltematu, mcaslen, scnrlnlina, nnd small-pox, whieh neror occur in n duced in thn body of the patient, but that it may be produced outside
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    in the spacious times of Baillie, Bright, and Addison," and Mal- gaigne has described his book as "the only work on pathology
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    4 In dissenting opinions, four justices of the U.S. Supreme Court (Brennan, Marshall, Stevens, and O'Connor) cited the Nuremberg Code. United States et al. v.
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    Nodes, osteophytes of the frontal and parietal bones, around the anterior fontanel, in hereditary syphilis. P.'s Sign, dilatation of
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    sixteenth or eighteenth year. It sometimes happens that the ossifying centre becomes fractured \\-ithout any injury to the perichondrium,
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    ceding, in the rank of Lieutenant ; James, Thomas and Henry, who served as volunteers in the Dutch service, where they died
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    arcannuallychoien a Prefident and four Cenfors. The Prefident may appoint any f Hitherto, however, it has feldom exceeded eight or nine.
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    tinued, the only leniainiug treatment consisting in the use of sinijde dressing and band.age to the healing wound. April 29th :
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