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    and its branches and connections, the spinal blood-vessels and the azygi and -lumbar veins, are free from pressure on account of posture. This
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    soft bath towelling frequently wrung out of cold or ice-cold water. This should be large enough to cover the whole of the
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    Bromoplatinate ybro-mo-plat ' -in- al). See Platinibro- Bvomopiopylene {bro-mo-pro'-pii-tn). See .4l!yt Bro- 'Bromopyrin {bromo-pi'-rin). I. C, , 1 1,, BrXjO, a sub-
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    recommended, called on the AEC Insurance Branch to vet reports for public In 1948 former Manhattan Project researchers pressed the AEC to
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    duction il donne quelques annotations sur les connaissances médicales au XVe siècle. Les recettes semblent ôtre un résumé des doctrines de l'école de Saleme,
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    Dr. Banga described, "impossible and lies." This made further meetings im- Nearly twenty years later (in 1897) a new society was organized. Doc-
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    permanganate until they become ochre-color ; rinse In stain 3 to 5 minutes with safranin. Herrick's Method Transfer to a paper tray and leave it exposed to the air
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    parts. Where can you find a will be roused by renewed torture, ral, than tailors And the cause by any disturbance of the system ;
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    kept on the Rubin- Krick salt solution for 1 2 to 20 days postoperatively. The use of salt in the latter experiments accounts for the difference in the results
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    Murray, McFadyean) with an encrease of the ventricular and subarachnoid fluid (Murray, Hamilton, Williams). The exudate may be yellow or rosy from contained blood globules (Klein).
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    ceding, in the rank of Lieutenant ; James, Thomas and Henry, who served as volunteers in the Dutch service, where they died
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    part of the occipito-frontals — the frontal muscle or fronta'lia, Ihiaculo'sa Frontia Cutem movens aub- from the skull at the upper part of the base of the
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    zieht sie sich an einem Tau halb auf, und wenn die Wehen nachlassen, wird der Kreissenden das „lau peraulkan" zu trinken gegeben, nichts
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    Regia, Cunfertiun (nlmnnill. the elecluary whilit wartg. Drop it tbra <« of ttirQcl of l,fnr,H,g«m SrHtgal, ,„gar, Fla- PASTIXACA ALTIBSIHA, P. opoponai-f
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    or violent exertions of the strength, as leaping, carrying great weights, etc. In both, a relaxed habit, indolence, and an oily
    tin in 2 or 3 drs. of \\'ater ; keep it liquefied in a salt- water bath. Tlie pills are stuck on long pins, and dipped in the solution ; when cold the pins are withdrawn, after
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    -"■"ica b urban economies, employing over 50 perce _ t of the urban m :css productive ana stagnant sub-sectors and thus easily
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    houses which do something for the medical press or the medical associations are the houses which should receive the loyal support
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    which was used in five cases. Preventive injections of antitoxin were then given in doses of 5 c.cm., and the epidemic, in which only the infants were
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    above all on the cerebral meninges. By this last method incuba- Symptoms in Dogs. In dogs as in other animals rabies is manifested in two great types : the firious and the dumb or
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    ton casearilla — q. Bicolor, Cinchonas Caribseffi — q. Gria de Loxa, Cinchonse lancifolias cortex — q. Jaime, Cinchonas cordifoliae cortex — q. Orange,




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