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    young ladies; and worse still, occasionally originates or aggravates organic disease of the most serious description. The muscles of

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    speaks of a case in a woman who was overcome with terror half way in the ascension of the Tour Saint- Jacques, when she believed the door below

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    fatigue, stiffness of limbs, and the serious functional derangements of the sense organs. A long continuance in a sitting posture or bathing may give rise to pain in

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    Case. — Private J. M. Sharp, Co. F, 45th North Carolina Regiment, received a simple fracture of the zygoma of the right

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    spikes of white or purplish pendulous, nearly cylin- drical, flowers, followed each by four shining black seeds. The root is thick and fleshy, black on the out-

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    Thomas also praises highly the Italian universities " Padoa, Bononia, Pauia, Ferrara, Pisa, and others"; none of which Andrew Boorde says

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    a. head Ss. ; injeeting a placenta 2s. The first week I wn« at the hospital my head was greatly affçcted by going into the "foul wards" and dissecting room

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    face certain risks. Information derived from the donors will become available in public databases. Such information may reveal, for example. DNA sequence-based information about

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    he remarks, is shorter, and is discovered by a sort of mammary protuberance above the vagina, by which he evidently means

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    HAND • ]IN • thine hand vexeth, thine hand vexeth. Again, a man shall in silence write this, and silently pvit these words on the left breast, and let him not

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    against these infections, is found to be highly antitoxic, besides possessing some anti-bacterial power. In the case of typhoid

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    for decades and adverse reactions were known and predictable. There is also a mountain of animal data on pyridostigmine and its close

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    social reformer, I freely confes that I myself was particularly in the direction of municipal md na.tioual organisation.' " Mr. Lloyd George goes o, fo sa.y that

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    or at leafthad very ftrong N-.uit eas, or Loathings. In brief, Vomits or ftupifying Poifons, the pernicious EfFecls of which txie, the

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    day. 3. Surgeon Garrettson L. Carhart, 31st Iowa, reports that Private Thomas Darnell, Co. E, 13th Illinois, was admitted into

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    their recuperative powers. At Camp Douglas the mortality was twice that of our own Union soldiers, although they were given the utmost care and

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    The fractionals are abbreviated by taking the first letter of the decimal in small type and the first letter of the unit. The multiples are abbreviated by taking

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    rectum and out through the right ilium at a point corresponding to where it entered." He was admitted to the general hospital at Murfreesboro on the

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    Battalion of the Invalid Corps. When I examined him, on October 18, 1863, he had some deformity of the hand, with a tumor

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    The treatment is preventive. Animals should be kept away from lots and pastures where deaths from anthrax have been known to occur, unless immunized against the disease. Marshy,

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    statement, to be accepted after only minor revisions, but as a general guide to the type of paper which is expected of the Joint Panel." Joint Panel on the Medical Aspects of

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    1916, and was at Bethune. His laboratory was, I think, tlie very much larg-er than an}- of the others. It was a caravan We had plenty of Avork to do in France; quite half the dviy,




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