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    purgings, etc., infants i drachm hartshorn, same tinct. canthar., 5 — 6 drops laudanum, about 20 drops essence of antimony, mixed, 5 — 6 drops to be
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    partie de la Gaule et observe les légions de Jules César. Il serait intéres- sant de pouvoir observer ainsi les conditions du service de santé après
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    narily the unit of a hospital day's duty will be considered to be eight hours, either consecutively or in such brolcen periods as will best suit the requirements
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    The paracholera vibrios comprise a group which is not serologically homogeneous, but, in addition to V. paracholerae A and B already described,
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    mbane, He has harte-beest, that is, the disease occasioned by it ; He has elephant ; He has ant-bear, that is, the diseases occasioned by
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    plies: "So 1 say, U>th of Galon and Paracelsus" meaning, of course, that neither the Galenical nor the alchemical school oi physicians could help him
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    focusing energy to break a brick. The same amount of raw energy, distributed more broadly in nonionizing form, would have much less effect. For example, the
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    throw light upon certain problems of tropical and subtropical disease. The general question, how disease affects history, deserves the most
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    after time the Fifth was forced to the roadside while mounted Just before dawn we met the remnants of Gough s Army strag
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    Le docteur van Haeften (XLII, 684) décrit un cas àe cutis a ngeHna facti tia c'est à dire que chez un malade atteint d'un ictère grave se montrait ce phéno-
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    perforated at its edge brings on death at a later time (within seven days), whereas a deformity of the organ Marma at the side (instead of in the centre). Similarly,
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    Narzissen Wurzel, oder die Zwiebel (Bolbos) mit Honig, Senf und Sauerteig; Hagedornwurzel ; Diptam, von diesem heisst es auf Kreta, dass die mit
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    phrapostasis — a. Spirituosus, Aneurism — a. Tho- of a part, especially of a soft part. — Fabricius Vasa absorben'tia seu re>s<iiheit'ti(i, and glands,
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    en forme augmentée et amplifiée, que nos ancêtres ont déjà eu l'idée d'une thérapeutique antitoxique, l'idée d'une immunisation active et passive, que
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    der anatomisch-physiologischen Schilderung der einzelnen Organe — ein Zeichen, wie hoch er ihn bewertete. Es würde den Rahmen dieser Skiz7,e
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    Drachme Hartheusamen, i Drichmc Blilter vom syrischen Gliedkraut mit Wein; ferner Kichererbsen gekocht gegessen, auch gewürzt mit der
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