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    mine — m. Oorallin, Hydrargyri nitrico-oxydum — ritre de, Hydrargyri submurias — m. Protoxide de, curialis perennis — m. Vivace, Mercurialis perennis.
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    some cases not until a week or even a month after parturition. In a few which are stabled and deprived of exercise are said to be more prone to
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    nual, grows wild in several parts of England, particu- larly about the sea coasts and salt marshes, and flowers northern parts, it is mild and totally destitute of pun-
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    the intestines undigested, there to ferment and lead to diarrhea, flatulence, colic, etc. Many of these troubles among children, as
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    par de grandes vertus on par de grands crimes, ont ete lVliroi Cesar, Brutus, Mahomet, Charles XII, le Czar Pierre, Crom-
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    spinal fluid. Cerebral embolism may be differentiated from other conditions by the finding of a pathologic condition of the heart. Both hypertensive encephalopathy and cere-
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    ticles of matter ; and this opinion has been lately re- Black, consider fire as a material principle or element. The motion of friction or percussion undoubtedly gene-
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    through Central Asia. Described by Acosta in 1578, they were called Pinones de Malaca. The seeds contain a violently purgative
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    it has been out of print, have induced the author in its revision to spare no pains to render it a correct and accurate digest of the most recent condition of all ihe branches of medical science. In
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    All those stars which are situated at the north throughout the entire Zedoch are called Boreas. Censeturis is dry and cold, yet not altogetlier dry. It is
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    Mes lecteurs me permettront de dire quelques mots à l'égard de Halle et du discours de Desgenettes à l'intention de ce collègue défunt
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    style of life. Hence the Harrison party came to be called "the Virginia Aristocrats" and the Jennings party called themselves "the People"—
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    """ Botanikens historia i ofversigt af B. Hogrell. Goteborg, tryckt 7149S Botanik der Gegenwart und Vorzeit in culturhistorischer Entwicke-
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    Prov. Nord-Ouest et Oiidh. — — — (2291) (2954) Pouna, le 15 janv. 118 (98). Ile de Maurice, du 16 au 22 janv. 8 (4); du 23
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    Cairns, of York, " produced a diploma from the University of Paris and a License from the Lower Province of Canada," and
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    carried to a level with the cheek through the right alar cartilage and mucous membrane of the nose, and which extended to the point. The cartilage being
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    wound be on the right side of the head, the convulsion attacks before fourteen, if in winter. And these symptoms indicate,
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    over, as in Sublimation many corrosives become sweet by the conjunction of the two natures, so, on the other hand, many sweet substances become
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    than the smaller. It is singular that the introduction of either should be sometimes attended with not only a shivering, but all the consequences of an intermitten"
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    and a little anxiety, restlessness, or sighing, is relieved To regain the strength after a fit, bark has been recom- mended, but we are told that ii should not be given till
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    Airblock is localized mainly, and frequently altogether, in the mediastinum and limg, and involves the pulmonary circulation primarily. It is the com-
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    and the river, but also by the personal names. Indian babies were often named on account of some little peculiarity manifested in the
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    que la thérapeutique n'a été, auparavant, qu'une diététique, fille de l'hygiène, unie à la vertu médicamenteuse de quelques plantes, d'un petit nombre
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