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    man, pest-stricken and thought to be dead, who was placed with the other dead for burial. He exhibited signs of life, and was taken back to the pest-
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    for thirty years, it appears unsafe to predict that such lesions will not prove "permanent." Endless, intarissable, are the epithets by which Begin and M. Legouest find that such
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    wonders for or against recovery. Many of the extraordinary cures credited to traveling "medicine men," "great remedies,"
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    was used intraspinally in four cases. Three of these had streptococci in the spinal fluid, and one pneumococci. There was improvement in
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    though the best glasses do not enable us to discern them : it hath neither blood vessels nor nerves, there- fore it is void of sense. Dr. Hunter thinks it an orga-
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    collection, Rockefeller Foundation Archives; and Comer, Rockefeller Institute, 18. John D. Rockefeller to Starr J. Murphy, Dec. 29, 1916, Rockefeller Family
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    paid a week's visit to his uncle and had been fed the milk of the uncle's tuberculous cow. The cow showed at death generalized
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    qu'il soupçonnait l'avoir volé et le sorcier les faisait tous asseoir par terre en rond. Fuis, quand tous étaient assemblés dans sa maison il leur faisait ce petit
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    we find it associated with many internal and external parts. As- suming the obturator to be the seat of pain on the inner side of the knee
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    Oftedai., S. Multiple myeloma. J. Am. M. Ass., 1921, 77, 1547. Oftedal adds one more to the reported cases of multiple myeloma.
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    auditory nerve is not paralyzed ; if patient can not hear watch or tuning fork, when placed in relation with the ear but can hear it when placed
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    away by cannon shot. The subjects of the operations were one hundred and one Union and sixteen Confederate soldiers. Two cases in the series furnished specimens
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    mia, Melancholy, Aneurysm, Food, Growth, Hoarseness, Blind- ness, Leukorrhea, Fibroid tumor. Fatness, Flatulence, are ex-
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    and redder than normal. After a week's treatment with saline purgatives the discoloration was much less, but the patient still had articular pains, for
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    tion. We are privileged to work with many donor families who find it comforting to know that their loved one has helped others have a second chance at life. We are very
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    tunity to learn the details of actual practice in the various specialties. When the session opened September 26, 1882, there was present a class
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    The posterior external cone of the upjier premolars. Tritorium, Triturium {trito'-ie-iim, tri-lu' -re-iim') classifies toxin.s, according to the avidity with which
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    time there is a very general consensus of opinion that the best system is the appointment, of Supreme judges at least, for life, or during good
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    ination may be advisable, in mosts cases it is best reveal very little rise in the white count, although this may not be exactly an accurate test because of
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    dram; oil of camomile, ten drops; syrup of ginger, Q. S. Mix 170 pills. Dose: three, twice a day, as a stomachic, for headache, etc.
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    the small red ant has been purloining it, and has left a number of his un- fortunate companions enveloped in its mass; whilst ever and anon a
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    surgery for some six centuries, giving his personal weight to the doctrine that the healing of a wound must be accomplished by the
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    last row of the Lyric's second balcony have necessi- hot-rod queen. Buzz's car — Mortimer — can oft be catch the 5; 00 p.m. train to Hyattsville. But then




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