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    6 The words added in our best MSS. mean : " neither repletion, nor starvation, nor anything else is good if it be beyond nature." Compare with this aphorism, II. iii.

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    consecutive to broncho-pneumonia, verminous bronchitis, infectious It produces reflex irritation by compressing the pneumo-gastrie and

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    sie wirkungslos, manchmal sogar positiv schädlich. James Can f Ne rät in schweren Fällen die Golotomie in der rechten Lumbai-

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    bedding. Carroll was the first to submit to mosquito inoculation and came through an attack of yellow fever successfully. Lazear

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    breeding season. If the breeding season is drawn out over on entin Valuable stallions are seldom allowed to cover more than one

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    to Blackfriars Bridge, then a recent and much admired to advise, might have been done at that day without an immense cost to the community, but nearly a century

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    [caustic potass ) also answer in these cases. The astringency sumach, sage, &c. boiled in it. Red pustules, like lentils, are

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    Let us all then strive to return to the elementary i)rinciples of organic or human life. Let our diet be plain, simple, and of a juicy nature.

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    shell, and chalchihuitl, and a snake's rattle on the apex. Nan-ta-do-tash explained that the characters oil the medicine hat

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    Boat-like. See Navicnlare os. ter process, so as to be of a somewhat SCAPULA. (From the Hebrew schi- triangular shape. This ligament, and the

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    the underlying pathology of the disease, however much the clinical picture may be aftected, but no one can dispute the authors' conclusion that ' massive

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    sechzehnten Jahrhunderts auf die Medicin. 3. Erste AnfSnge besserer Naturkenntniss. 4. Geschichte der vomehmsten anatomischen Entdeckungen. 5. Geschichte der Hippo-

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    which helps many students learn of the advantages and pitfalls of the various internship pro- of the important events occurring on the campus. SAMA also inaugurated this year a series of

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    Boche. The enemy had taken from them nearly all their mat tresses, linen, brassware and metal, and there was not very much

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    {ziz Schweine-Rotlauf), gegen Brand {z=z St. Antonius- Feuer) und gegen die Pest (zr Seuche). In mnd. Zeiten wurde dieser Heilige mit dem Rufe :

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    while the soap itself is pleasant, bland and non-irritating to use. Whether these soaps are so powerfully antiseptic as the}' would seem to be from

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