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    run, they wrestle, they fight, they steal, they cheat ; the one is preferred to all the others. Hypocrites and deceivers ! Before

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    be required until the course Is finished, when tbe officer will be examined physi- cally and professionally for appointment as assistant surgeon. United States

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    He was operated on May 29 ; he afterward felt the same leg weakness and was still unable to walk. Early in December, when observed by Dejerine, he was able to stand on crutches

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    relationship of red cell oxygen affmity to severe hy- serological response to influenza virus by, comparison suble, accelerated and blast phases of CGL, enumer-

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    will heal up immediately. When an abscess cannot be pre vented, a poultice of bread and milk should be applied to favor the formation of matter, and as soon as the abscess is

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    primary Harbingers or Breeders of it ; though they are capable of tranfmitting it by a Bite to graminivorous and granivorous

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    hat A. noch eine „Bibliographie der Bibliographie" hinzugefügt, die ein wünschen wir, dass mit dieser excellenten Monographie nunmehr das Studium

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    and at the union of the crura there are some protuber- ances, which, from their shape and colour, have ob- tained the names of corpora pyramidalia and olivaria.

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    Cairns, of York, " produced a diploma from the University of Paris and a License from the Lower Province of Canada," and

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    of G. procumbms, wintergreen or teaberry ; it is antipyretic and Gaultherin, gawl'-ther-in. A glucosid obtained from the bark of

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    and their immediate effects, so that these theories are but more or less reasonable deductions from the familiar extensions of the

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    have also been considered as synonyms, they seem to have different properties specified under their separate o-Aivav, purslane; so named because it resembles a large

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