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    Empfindungs- und Bewegungsnerven, trennte sie aber nicht völlig von den Sehnen. Erst Rufus von Ephesas um die Mitte des 1. Jahrh. theilte nicht

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    succeeding symptoms being referred to with extreme brevity, if at all. The following tliird cervical vertebra. On April 2d, he was admitted into Saint Joseph's Hospital, New York, with slight fever. Simple

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    between the scapula and spine, probably injuring the pleural cavity, though the diagnosis was not made out positively. The

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    > 0.05) and TH (P < 0.05). Both agents also pro- duced an increase in bile flow independent of biliary differences among the control and experimental groups for the volume of bile flow generated per

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    ticrorulatis nir]i(:tnit.'nt8. It is imiKisaible to bold socb viotra wliUe oeas to diaease, and eriooed by a series of nulntivo dt5lurbaiiocs ; For

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    est. 9. In sanitate, color pulmonum cinereus est. 10. In [nowmllus) things are of neither sex. 3. No man has two lives. 4. One ounce of aromatic spirit of ammonia.

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    it to the other as the sublimation proceeds. The violet vapour condenses on the surface in brilliant prisms or plates. Good indigo yields from 15 to 17 per cent. — Mr.

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    l'historien de ce faiseur de rois qui s'appela La Fayette N'y aurait- il pas d'autres hommes que ceux qui portent dos couronnes pour avoir un médecin

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    then god, whose penis is always painted finger inwards towards the thumb, and erect.) Priapism. A continual erection extends it obliquely.

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    tric and duodenal lesions, the Varco'" tj-pe of diet genized milk,'' cane or lactose sugar, salt, acces- and one-half to three quarts will provide over 5000

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    cause of death is compression from abscess in the vicinity of the injury.' It is evident that the treatment of this form of injury must be determined by those

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    Received April 19, 1977. P.S.E.B.M. 1978, Vol. 157. NOS or TBI lOCIITY lOl BXfUIMINTAL nOUWY AND MBDIONI 157,139-143 (1978)

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    Acaniculado, que tem pequenos regos ou acanaladuras ; que AcanthosB, anormalidade caractcrizada por formacoes espinhosa.s.

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    (1 percent). Some cases belong to none of the above groups (1 percent CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) of the first five

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    young man of twenty-one suffering from congenital deformities attril)uted to the fact that his mother was frightened by a guinea-pig having been thrust

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    aplea him mon pela fceappena on |7am pcancan Jjonne iTip mon punbije pi] hif peonb to jepeohtanne frsej Isep he mejnje "j ]7onne he niman pille sep j-unnan

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    rehersed, in the tyme Avhan the pestilence, or the sweatyng syckenes, be infectiouse, and one man may infecte an other, as it dothe appere




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