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    70480 Methods and results in Mexican research. By Dr. Walter Leh- nungen in den Jahren 1 890-1 897. [4], 134 p. Q. Erlangen:
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    what we mean by a mild case. MacNalty appears to use the term in an extremely narrow sense, namely, as applied solely to the initial consti-
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    the manner of recovery, whether by slow improvement or by abrupt termination of the symptoms. Except for the fact that all cases
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    of the dura is separated Simply that the blood is poured out in sufficient force and in ever-increasing amount to strip the
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    Swine plague : Often appears as a complication of hog cholera. Leas commonly as a primary aftection. Peracutc form : high fever,
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    remonter l'aire géographique du Nagana jusqu'aux rivages méditerranéens. B. Surra. Les travaux récents ne nous ont apporté aucun fait nouveau
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    fatal bleeding came on from the third to the eightieth day, the mean period being the thirtieth day. In the thirty-third case, that of Private W.
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    into two Bcctions, or may rather, |>eThn|)ti, be cnnKidorcd as two distinct organs: the more contplical«d, or tliul, in
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    Mexico, and Arizona also participated. 44 The environmental part of the study began first, in 1950. Between 1950 and 1954 medical examinations of uranium
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    it includes both Avhat we call art and wliat we call science. to be the subject of part of this difficult chapter. Tr]v IrjrpiKrjp koI rrjv lijrptKijv e rr]v ao(f)U]V.
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    be able to rise more easily to the sky." The verity of this had been established by the fact that they had left a member of the clan unburned
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    St. Georges Hospital Gazette — Monthly 6d, — Bailliere, 8, Henrietta St., W,C. Fuberculosis — Quarterly 6d. — Adlard & Son, 22 i, Bartholomew Close, E.C.
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    at the hands of Jacques Daviel (1696-1762), the originator of the modern treatment of cataract by excision of the lens. In the early
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    this Purpofe of expelling the Meconium, to the. Quantity of a fmall Spoonful. Thefe Gentlemen alfo confider it as the moft proper,
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    parts. Where can you find a will be roused by renewed torture, ral, than tailors And the cause by any disturbance of the system ;




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