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    pose is rather to display the phy- tion to neatness and infantile fash- sical effect of moral management ion ; and made their bows and

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    measles, and other contagions. This treatise of the subject of smallpox is given for you to ponder on it. I believe the days

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    administration of.calomel formed part of the treatment in many cases. Surgeon E. Swift observed several apparently desperate cases of traumatic peritonitis, which terminated

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    of Public Health, was the prime mover, and he would be the right Hicke: And we don t know if we re going to get to talk to him. Whom

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    of as disgraceful by our informant, who stamps McDowell as "coarse and ungentlemanly, ' ' was but an example of thousands in history, before

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    a large handkerchief which will extend all over the forehead and crown, two ends of it passing to the back, and after cross-

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    only; for when the periosteum is corroded, the matter which case it is a guide to the operator in piercing to the bone, which, when laid bare, the remaining pro-

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    Swale, Harold, M.B. Limd., Sudan Gold Fields Conqxiny, Egypt. Swallow, Allan Jas., M. 13. Durh., JSTount Edgcunihe-gardens,

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    Sextus Empiricus. Rev. R. C!. Bury. 4 Vols. (Vol. I. ith Sophocles. F. Storr. 2 Vols. (\'ol. I. \Oth Imp. Vol. II. (kk Strabo : Geocjraphy. Horace L. Jones. 8 Vols. (Vols. I., V.,

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    visible mucosae generally (mouth, nose, vulva, eyes); the forma- tion of white curd-like ephithelial concretions on the inside of the

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    prophesied, guiding the universities will be private foundations, "everywhere numerous and free." They will "so enlighten and

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    HEAB.T. See also Heart-action, Heart-heat, Heart-clot, abnormality of h. where there are but one auricle and agent stimulating vessels of h. Angiocardiokinetic.

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    Hamilton, Wm. Thompson, M.B. Toronto, 4, Endsleigh-gdns. N.w. Hammond, John Abbott Balding, M.B. Lond., Shanklin. Hamond, Philip Wm., Landsmere, Auckland-rd., Up. Norwood, s.e.

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    voluminous and are preserved in a volume of minutes kept in the Quincy Public Library, along with the catalog of books and date and source of

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    will be needed for sequencing technology alone, to allow the human genome to be sequenced • Develop efficient approaches to sequencing one- to several- megabase regions of DNA

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    the bone iibRorbed is also diininiabed, as they ore, for the most part, inlrociiii'ed into ti\ti body ns albuminate. Virchoic does not prrteitd

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    poll evil. If the cause then becomes known, it should be removed. abscess cavities, providing complete drainage for the pus and

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    Pediculoparietal ( ped-ik-u-lo-par-i' -et-al). Relating to the pedicles of the cerebral gyri and the parietal Pedioneuralgia ( pede-o-nu-ral'-Je-ah). See Pedialgia

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    [ireserved intact whenever and wherever possible, 2) infec- tion of the burn should be avoided, and 3) the pain should be relieved. The skin generally is intact at first, and a

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    Oil. A greasy liquid, not miscible with water, composed of glyceryl and a fatty acid. O. of Absin'thium. See 0. of Worm-

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    Einrichtungen, aber auch in Annam und Tonkin werden viele solche angegeben. Einige Betrachtungen über eine kleine Epidemie dieser Geschwüre in

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    gery is indicated in patients who have suffered mas- build up a failing blood pressure within reasonable he may slip back into shock, especially during oper-

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    additional proof to what we have mentioned in the section on amputation that the Arabians in general were very timid Rhases strongly inculcates the propriety of having recourse

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    and lodged; another (eonoidal) entered the left thigh and ])assed nearly through. If was removed on the fourth day. A nearly

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