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    All the other organs probably exist at the earliest period, but are invisible from their minuteness and pellucidity. stamina in the nervous system, and the fibrils are pro-
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    its introduction." The inducement evidently did not appeal strongly to slave-holders, for though the population of Indiana proper increased
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    being synchronous with ins])iration were all founded «ui faults of memory ur eri-ors of ohservation. Indeed in Dr. Hale's case the protrusion only
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    B. 1. A. E. S. P., X, Set. -Out., 9e 10, pp. 604-610. Publ. da Secret. Agric. Comm. e Obras Publicas do Estado de 1916 — Algumas notas sobre a lagarta que ataca os mandiocaes, DilophO'
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    itated from the teeth of animals, also exist, and with these Hol- lander has performed amjMitation in six to seven minutes. The
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    The lesions of the eruption were similar both in appearance and in course to those of the common form of acute urticaria, but as
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    abroad The IFIs devote much rhetoric to protecting the poor. How ever, the reality is much different - for example. Hutchful's paper on the issue, as it has played oul
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    to slip and derange the whole binding. Some operators avoid half-turns, by letting the roller take its natural course, and
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    animal from becoming rested, and after a time seriously inter- Horses and mules show a staring, dirty, rough coat. The mane and tail may become broken and matted. The animal
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    ence. He loved life in the open and did a great deal of walking, seldom wear- ing an overcoat in winter. He never owned an automobile. His tastes were
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    cutting off the last joint of the little finger of females as a token of submis- sion to powerful beings alive and dead. A Hottentot widow who marries a
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    thickened blood-vessel is met with stretching across the abscess wall are viscid and adhesive, there is no notable exudation of lymph either lining the cavity,
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    frraian), into which the food, after being luacernted in the des. Twoof thcNc, which coimitntc the grentest part itx bulk, are of an hemictpherical shape, of a dense and
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    in midwifery only, and received a certificate. James Coleman, of Toronto (township), with license from the Apothecaries' Co.,
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    for thirty years, it appears unsafe to predict that such lesions will not prove "permanent." Endless, intarissable, are the epithets by which Begin and M. Legouest find that such
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    wonders for or against recovery. Many of the extraordinary cures credited to traveling "medicine men," "great remedies,"
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    was used intraspinally in four cases. Three of these had streptococci in the spinal fluid, and one pneumococci. There was improvement in
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    though the best glasses do not enable us to discern them : it hath neither blood vessels nor nerves, there- fore it is void of sense. Dr. Hunter thinks it an orga-
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