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    evening. The plant has not yet found a place in the Co RTEX JITBAB.C is brought to us from the East In- dies ; but the tree is unknown, and its powers, if we
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    in the eighteenth century. Schonlein, in particular, indulged in such whimsies as forcing gangrene of the uterus into the class
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    staining. I c.c. Solution A is mi;xed with 25 c.c. water. I c.c. Solution B is mixed with 25 c.c water. These violet. Blood-platelets stain pale blue. Malarial para-
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    Verfasser beobachteten an der Westküste von Afrika eine eigentümliche, während der Trockenzeit vorkommende Fieberform, bei der sich im Blut keine
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    and J. J. Wecker (1595), also the city pharmacopeias of Mantua (1559), 1 In this account of the German Fathers of Botany I am much indebted to
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    £««. 'riic power of conduction and the 8t«o of iho masolD, which depression. Thci uSeei iiulnoed is inut>t a{>i>3rent in llio disappear-
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    Septeudier 20th, 1803, liy a fragment of slii'll, whieh lacerated the scalji and fraetiireil the left parietal hone, cau.sing h\it slight
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    free them entirely from the surrounding bodies, avoiding in particular the carotid arteries and recurrent nerves. If any
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    photograph by C. R. Pancoast is reproduced in this volume (see Frontispiece). An oil portrait in the hall of the Medical
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    to Armory Square Hospital, Washington, on April 22d, 1863, having been stabbed with a knife in the back, at Falmouth, Virginia, on the 20th. He was completely
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    ischen Papyrus-Urkundcn, Leipzig, A. J. Barth, 1907. — Prosper Disquisitions in the history of medicine, Edinburgh, 1811 (etc.). For
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    the system to the action of mercury, its specific effects could not be produced by careful medication, and hence probably a ground
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    albuminuric. In the 13 favourable cases no more than three or four treatments were needed to produce satisfactory results, which still persisted
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    and of Newton was that of bringing a simple sugges- tion to such a rigorous examination, as incontestably to demonstrate its truth. It has been triumphantly asked,
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    Case. — Private J. M. Sharp, Co. F, 45th North Carolina Regiment, received a simple fracture of the zygoma of the right
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    des cadavres récemment inhumés pour les disséquer. Les autopsies étaient plus fréquentes, se faisant avec éclat: on y invitait même les jeunes femmes. Les
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    of various original articles in medical journals. Military Service: Entered emergency army, June, 1917, as Captain, M. R. C. ;
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    estimated, and perhaps their power is increased when joined with farina. We thus, therefore, place in the first rank, as least nutritious, refined sugar ; it may be
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