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    haemorrhages, ulcers, and abscesses of the gland tissue or sub- mucosa. Rupture of the walls may follow abscess (Cadeac).

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    masters, St. James' Palace, by Harriet, daughter of Edward Chesshyre, Esq., a landed proprietor in Cheshire. He received

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    ed to try the Liverwort, in the cy and astringency, which it im- form of infusion, or a strong tea, parts to the mouth after chewing

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    pour hi- nni accumulatrd. and cor«(lcnftr<l, in th< rriCMnt for t town where fever is prcvalmi, or in the neigh t>ourho«Ml of fe-

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    at South 8ylhet in the cold weather of 1878-79 ; and in Mauritius {Lovell and Davidson), having t>een indicate that it apj}ears at times in other partB of

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    called also antipharmica, and caco alexeteria. Medicines to preserve the body against the power of poisons, or to correct or expel those taken into the machine ; the.

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    back of tiie foot, over the tendon of the vessels contract and propel the fluid for- cruxus an 1 icus, forms with other branches wards. Hence the use of this function ap-

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    as speedily as possible, from gr. x. to 9 i. of white vi- triol, dissolved in a draught of warm water, should be given; and if the sickness is still urgent, the same

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    capable of producing a severe infection, but affording protection agaiiiHt the action of the unmodified virus. The term is aUo, but

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    logical Hystem about to be unfolded commences, and con- •oqtMmtly to i-Jiable thv reader to follow up thone diseases with greater cleaniess and comprehension iu their di-

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    Boat-like. See Navicnlare os. ter process, so as to be of a somewhat SCAPULA. (From the Hebrew schi- triangular shape. This ligament, and the

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    in this manner it was more dangerous than in any other. And do not imagine that the disease was of short duration; on the contrary it lasted

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    oder gar nichts berichtet ist, und will so trachten, vieles von der ursprüng- lichen Medizin vor Vergessenheit zu bewahren. Ich werde mich dabei

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    d'ailleurs il y a une lutte pour l'existence entre les anopheles et les culex. Il est problable (juc les larves dos culex, qui sont plus grands deviennent

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