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    rapeutics, I was fmally led to reject the many changes in medical doc- trines and practice, and start forth on a path of mvestigation of my

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    à le venir voir au point du jour lui donne des aliments qui avaient été placés devant la momie et pendant que son hôte les mangée, le sorcier prononçait

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    middle-aged man suddenly developed severe gastrointestinal bleeding, thought to be due to esophageal varices (varicose veins

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    above. A lesion of the fifth dorsal will in many cases, cause monoplegia of the arm. The explanation is that the lesion lessens the size of the

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    Page 276, Case 804. first line, for Sitamore, read Satamore. Page 280. Note 4. eighth line, for Lect., read Sect. Page 282, TAHI.E VIII, Case 9, for S. W., read J. W. Hamilton.

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    the necessary handling, even to stitching, need not be feared. Owing to the great risk of torsion and degenerations during the puerperium,

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    Par L. Reynier. Geneve, Paris, J. J. Paschoud, 18 19. ""'° .... Le capitalisme dans le monde antique ; etudes sur I'histoire

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    at the shoulder for shot injury, together with twenty-nine cases of the same subdivision, although of uncertain date. The undetermined results are in large proportion, as the cases

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    organ, this being (as explained in § 38, cl. 4) one of its con- 2. The windpipe consists of four parts, the larynx, trachea,

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    1903; Fellow Royal Soc. of Edinburgh; medical scholar (gold medal) Univ. of London, 1871 ; examiner and member of the Con-

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    work trawrtiCH tbc middle of tlm [KicIi iiion- [Mtrticiibrly, and causes olooa inllunniatioii bns not extended to tlte piipiUs, they arc com-

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    Yet they pass into each other by such imperceptible shades, that we found it difficult to draw the line, and have passed with sufficient accuracy from the more ge-

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    air cells, where the blood undergoes that magical change, giving ujj its poisonous qualities and becoming revivified and healthful.

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    told : " Lorsqu'ils sont fatigues de boire leur vin par la bouche, ils se couchent, e'leveut les jambes en 1'air, et s'en font introduire dans le

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    For the period 1880 to 1900, Brown 13 made a tabular study of trachoma as it then existed in all the counties in the state, based upon data collected

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    ters of ancient, mediaeval, and modern times. 2 vol. il. pi. O. The history of the dog: its origin, physical and moral character-

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