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    care of amaryllis plant after flowering

    handwerks, von Wendelin Boeheim, .... Mit 20 Tafeln in Lichtdruck und 159 Text-Illustrationen. Berlin, W. Moeser, 25580 ]-)jg Kriegswaffen in ihren geschichtlichen Entwickelungen von

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    lence; and this wind they call Camflsin, from Camp- this wind. It is a kind of sirocco, or rather a blast of the old alchemy, the words ethel, terra alba, sulphur

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    "0. Sedis, Proctocele — p. Uteri, Prolapsus uteri. llseraorrhois — p. Simplex, Proctalgia — p. Tenes- J'roctnpto'sia, Procto'sis, Hedroce'le. Archenpto'-

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    Morehead Street, Charlotte, N. C, for practice in this W.ALTER Reed, the U. S. Army surgeon for whom Walter Reed Hospital, in Washington, was named, was graduated

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    by the Rebellion of '45. Alexander Monro followed his father's plan for his own son, and the latter extended the same policy to the

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    The cycle of infection progresses as follows: there is a snail vector and an alternation of generations between the worm which

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    tus two ounces, dissolved in hot rain water sufficient to well Take alum 4 ozs. ; salt 8 ozs. ; and dissolve also in hot rain

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    the bark and sprouts of the drugs known as the Nya- administered, or a Kalka of the drugs of the Utpaladi Kalka of S'aluka, S'ringataka and Kas'eru mixed with

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    conclude with a discussion of what the atomic bomb-test experience tells us about the boundary between experimental and occupational exposures to risk and some

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    Virginia, on September 13th, 1863, by a carbine ball, which struck the vertex of the cranium at the centre of the coronal suture,

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    Apenas os exemplares da Bahia apresentam, na regiao apical do elytro, algumas escamas mais estreitas, embora tambcm sejam distinctamente

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    as one of the very best remedies ever discovered for the dropsy. It has cured hydrothorax and ascites when aU other means have failed.

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    The pulso i.i iiMiiilly Flower. In many eases, at the height of tlic at- tack (in some pulienl!> at every attack), there ia nausea, and, after great

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    it is always necessary to dilute the milk. As the child advances in age, the proportion of water stated above may be gradually lessened.

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    Milk and its Products. By Henry H. Wing. 8vo. Macmillan Milk Question : Common Sense of the. By J. Spargo. Cr. 8vo. Mac-

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    on Banthine Bromide in the Treatment of Pentic U'ccr was given by Dr. Keith Crimson, Professor of Surgery, Drs. Baxter. Hall and Lafferty announce the associa-




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