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    strength in this bone seems to be, that it much used by writers that had not clear covers the cerebellum, in which the least ideas of what they undertook to explain ;

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    "We have been much engaged in business for ten or twelve days past, for a part of which we have had eight states. There appears to be

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    with us. We are very angels, and members of Christy since He is our head, that is, He lives in us, that so we may live in Him, as is handed down in the

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    of the lungs ; the liter atid its associated veins. Thai thes# are the parts which suffer in this variety of fever, I shall be

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    before is worth a little sacrifice, and it requires but very little sacrifice if you go about it the right way. First, of course, you must continue

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    wounds of the joints into non-penetrating and penetrating. M. Legouest justly observes, 2 that the former group might, with greater propriety, be designated "peri-articular" wounds,

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    these cases it should be remembered that the quantity of gastric juice secreted is limited and only suffices for the digestion of a

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    reasons assigned is, that there are cure the vacant chair, if the Je~ continual squabbles at the Sec- suit influence should be exerted

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    market. Few members of the corporate class, even those without profit-making medical investments, railed against "commercial-

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    may threaten suffocation by interfering with the breathing. This is still further aggravated if the laryngeal mucosa is the seat of

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    counties not heard from, as reported by the Secretary of State at the it, and Steuben was the only couuty with a favorable vote, aud that a

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    true in the case of rowing men. There is no reason, so far as is known at present, to su])i)ose tiiat such albuminiui.i leads to any aller-effects

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    relative homeo-proteins. Our preliminary data allow to suppose that residue at position 50 of POU homeodomain have a key role in discrimination between TAAT-like and

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    An'-thel-min-tic (an'-thel-min-tik). A medicine that destroys worms. An'-thrax. A dusky red or purplish kind of tumor, occurring in the

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    scen'sus testiculo'rum, from opxti, opxtio;, ' the tes- Sog, ' the testicle,' and ktjXti, ' a rupture.' A tu- the testicle and its envelopes, essentially differing

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    Neologism (ne-ol' -o-jizvi) [yeog, new; loyog, science]. Neonatal [ne-o-na'-tal) \ysoq, new; nasci, to be born]. Nephelium [nef-e'-le-um] \yt(j>iXr], a cloud]. A genus

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    Brasil. Encontrado por Goeldi no Jardira Botanico do Rio de Janeiro. Goeldi, MUthail. schweiz ent. Ges., VII, 1885. p. 248.

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    History. — This plant is a native of Europe, but is found growing in different parts of the United States, in woods, hedges, damp copses,

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    In the weak habits, and in old persons, external re- medies are most effectual. Simple lime water will be often useful ; and about ten grains of hydrargyrus mu-

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    logical Department of Guy's Hospital, and the rank and file of the N.Z.E.F,, to the extent of some 64,000, received one or two

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    and in all diseases before death, the decrease is due to obstruction in the Color — The normal color is light amber, which deepens in shade if

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    characters of the alvine and urinary discharges, — of the respi- symptoms, wdiich are invariably noticed by Hippocrates. And




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