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    ti'ition in which Pixel and Ksy.fi no l acquired such well-earn- from the received opinions regarding the seat of hypochondriasis
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    be major. After ten years' service as major, regimental officers may be given the rank of honorary lieutenant-colonel and their
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    zünden, damit der Rauch durch die Stadt ziehe" und die Luft trockne. Auch „Büchsenpulver" soll ab und an in der Stadt abgebrannt werden,
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    Zoodermic (zo-o-dur' -inik\. Pertaining to or taken Zoogenous (zo-oj'-e7i-us\ [Cuov, animal; ytvvav to- Zoogony {zo-oj'-oti-e). See Zoogenesis (Illus Diet )
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    in good health, one-third poor, the remaining indefinite. Complaints included fatigability, headaches, backache, dys- menorrhea, shortness of breath, "heart trouble," asthma,
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    mittees dealing with Reunion. Budget and Finance, Bylaws, Awards, Nominations, Davidge Hall, Executive and The Bulletin \1.im proposals and policies are studied
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    capillary resistance of the treated children, whereas that of the control children For further treatment of the data, the capillary fragility was expressed in
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    raisons tirées des difhcuUés de travailler au microscope dans les pays chauds. Nous pensons en effet que Tétude des maladies tropicales n'est pas seulement
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    Program. This affiliation allows UNC to offer the options of allogeneic unrelated marrow and stem cell donor trans- approach to provide comprehensive and supportive care to
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    trees. 16. Small trees or shrubs, 17. Creepers. 18. Corn and Pulses. 19. Cooked food. 20. Different sorts of water. 21. Fluids as
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    tions in chemical therajieutics, his monograph on miners' diseases (Vo7i der Bergsucht, Dilingen, 1567), and his booklet on mineral
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    ••' Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc, Paris, 1880, xci, 86; 455; 697; 1881, xcii, 209. 5 Compt r-- \cad. d. sc, Par., 1885, ci, 765: 1886, cii, 459; 835; ciii,
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    dementia. He was admitted to the hospital with two small wounds upon the head, one above the left eyebrow and the other on the scalp, occasioned
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    investigate the subject, and ascertain whether this disease is peculiar to the Punjab, and why it occurs only between Should the investigation of this curious disease lead to
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    Suffolk County. Industrial history of Suffolk County. Boston's relations to the tex- tile industry. The Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association. Biographies.
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    urn rebordo chitinoso em forma de lyra ; bulbo do macho occLipando a metade basal do tarso — flavipes Keyserl. C — Area dos olhos medios mais alta que larga ; bulbo
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    profuse as to soak through the bed and fall on the floor. Lacerations of the urethra from urethral coitus in instances of vaginal atresia or imperforate
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    here, I learn to-day (November 26, 1873), that he died of small-pox, The remarkable instance of successful removal of a fragment of a grenade from the
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    before he died he had served the ward as alderman, which office he was induced to accept when the incumbent in office resigned while the
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    the morphine was probably responsible. Apparently none of these cases terminated fatally. In 26 cases a pleural effusion occurred, but in no case
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