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    It often happens in fractures of this part, that, not- withstanding every precaution, a stiff joint follows ; therefore, though, in this particular instance, and in
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    Proctologist, Columbus Hospital, Consulting Proctologist, U. S. P. H. S. Hospital No. 30, and U. S. Marine Hospital. For-
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    ten. aleuyn. twelue. thyrtene. fowrtene. fyftene. syxtene. seuentyne. eyghtene. nyntene. twenty, one and twenty. Good morow, my syr ! Boniis dies, nusirt a talk in itauan
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    their sulphur. There is no more certain, noble, or better way than by the water of salt or by its oil, prepared in the way 1 have clearly described in my
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    ihr höheres Alter als vor allem auch durch den Inhalt (u. a. Befestigung eines Obturators an der Nase bei totalem Verlust des harten Gaumens) in
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    often reaches a marked degree so that all the fingers are drawn out of shape. In certain injuries to the palmar fascia, contraction may result
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    The cycle of infection progresses as follows: there is a snail vector and an alternation of generations between the worm which
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    so that the carbonate of lime at first thrown down is re- dissolved. It contains 8 grains of carbonate of lime in 10 Aerated Lithia Water. This may be conveniently made
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    and mill-sweepings, shorts or bran, placing first a layer of two or three inches of manure ; then a layer of earth or rich loam ; upon
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    even if it wasn t "How many barrels of oil should we upgrade to" and so forth; it had to do with our presence in that country as much as anything else. Because they were depending
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    Medicine databases and bibliographies, and documented by individuals who came forward with The database contains records for approximately 4,000 human radiation experiments.
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    performing research in physics and nuclear science) BuMed Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (operates Navy's hospitals and medical research centers, as well as sponsoring most of its outside
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    are used for deterging ainaous or fiatuloos nlcen : duated compass. — eompa§ de proportum, — ni ed at pectation — m. Lfffnle, Medicine, legal — m. Jtiii'
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    nerve. N., Degenerative, that in which the nerve-substance degenerates. N., Descending, that advancing from the brain or spinal cord toward the periphery. N., Diabet'ic, a polyneu-
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    protein (hoin. Eo(h (odon thos aaambigaoosly ibe(ts the addition of one amino add to the protein. On the other band, the same ombo
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    In Praise of the Profession — by Egbert Louis Stevenson "There are men and classes of men that stand above the common herd: the
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    twenty-two fine portraits, executed many years after the event, and containing in fact some fellows who cannot have joined the society until much later. Sims, the president,
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    The method of reduction Avas the Lorenz method, modified in so far that stretching of the adductors was employed instead of rupture. The
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    1888 Cockerill, John William, Royal Army Medical Corps. 1883 Codd, Arthur Frederick Gambell, M.B. Durham, Bromley, Kent.
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    permanganate until they become ochre-color ; rinse In stain 3 to 5 minutes with safranin. Herrick's Method Transfer to a paper tray and leave it exposed to the air
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