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    It is used as an antisj'philitic eutrophic in vene- Hydrar' gyriim. muriat'icum mite, Draco mitiga'tus, blima'tua; — when precipitated, M. dulcis jireci-
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    it has been out of print, have induced the author in its revision to spare no pains to render it a correct and accurate digest of the most recent condition of all ihe branches of medical science. In
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    All those stars which are situated at the north throughout the entire Zedoch are called Boreas. Censeturis is dry and cold, yet not altogetlier dry. It is
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    Mes lecteurs me permettront de dire quelques mots à l'égard de Halle et du discours de Desgenettes à l'intention de ce collègue défunt
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    style of life. Hence the Harrison party came to be called "the Virginia Aristocrats" and the Jennings party called themselves "the People"—
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    """ Botanikens historia i ofversigt af B. Hogrell. Goteborg, tryckt 7149S Botanik der Gegenwart und Vorzeit in culturhistorischer Entwicke-
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    Prov. Nord-Ouest et Oiidh. — — — (2291) (2954) Pouna, le 15 janv. 118 (98). Ile de Maurice, du 16 au 22 janv. 8 (4); du 23
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    Cairns, of York, " produced a diploma from the University of Paris and a License from the Lower Province of Canada," and
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    carried to a level with the cheek through the right alar cartilage and mucous membrane of the nose, and which extended to the point. The cartilage being
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    wound be on the right side of the head, the convulsion attacks before fourteen, if in winter. And these symptoms indicate,
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    over, as in Sublimation many corrosives become sweet by the conjunction of the two natures, so, on the other hand, many sweet substances become
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    than the smaller. It is singular that the introduction of either should be sometimes attended with not only a shivering, but all the consequences of an intermitten"
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    and a little anxiety, restlessness, or sighing, is relieved To regain the strength after a fit, bark has been recom- mended, but we are told that ii should not be given till
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    Airblock is localized mainly, and frequently altogether, in the mediastinum and limg, and involves the pulmonary circulation primarily. It is the com-
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    and the river, but also by the personal names. Indian babies were often named on account of some little peculiarity manifested in the
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    que la thérapeutique n'a été, auparavant, qu'une diététique, fille de l'hygiène, unie à la vertu médicamenteuse de quelques plantes, d'un petit nombre
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    with us. We are very angels, and members of Christy since He is our head, that is, He lives in us, that so we may live in Him, as is handed down in the
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    wounds of the joints into non-penetrating and penetrating. M. Legouest justly observes, 2 that the former group might, with greater propriety, be designated "peri-articular" wounds,
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    Since the posterior part of the vertebra is usually rotated upwards and forwards, the muscles attached to points below would be put on a ten-
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    public — and unitedly there is a thorough systematic attack on the enem}', carrying on their banner the motto, " \\'e mean to prac-
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    ward R. Chase and M. (Dayton) Chase; ed. com. schs., Flint, Mich., to 1885; High Sch., Acad, and Coll., Oberlin, O., 1885-91; grad.
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    may threaten suffocation by interfering with the breathing. This is still further aggravated if the laryngeal mucosa is the seat of
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    elastic webbing joins the upper and lower ijart of the splint. This also is adjustable, and greatly assists the weakened quad-
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    true in the case of rowing men. There is no reason, so far as is known at present, to su])i)ose tiiat such albuminiui.i leads to any aller-effects
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    Sneha (oil) reaches down the skin, through the hair-follicles in the course of time necessary to utter four hundred Matras. It reaches the principle
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