• Anafranil Used For Premature Ejaculation

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    And they tell the sarja-maije all the men go through the haige, You must come and get your myle at the proper time, On September 4th we route-marched in the morning, and in

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    Illustrations, Chromo-Lithograplis. Square 8vo. Cloth. $6.00. POMEROY (OREN I).). The Diagnosis iind Tren.tnient of Diseases of the Ear.

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    In nt-uiit cases, mused hy catvliing «j!d, VaUetx urgcnlly PL-eoiii- meada flying blisters and superficial cauterizations with the !iol inm. If

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    65. Department of the Navy, "Manual of the Medical Department," 20-8, Change 36, 7 March 1967 ("Use of Volunteers in Medical or Other Hazardous

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    operative embolism in the operations in St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester. Minnesota; from September 13, 1899. to December 31, igii, out of

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    of the urethra, and another one, less tense, in the membranous portion; there was no discharge from the urethra; there was

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    Kap. 229. Für die, welche an Tetanus oder anderen Krämpfen leiden, sind geeignete Mittel, als Trank: Stinkender Polei mit Salz nnd Honig-

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    casion irretention of the faeces. (Pr. ix, 60.) See also Rhases 1, 18.) Avicenna prefers twisted hairs or bristles of a hog, as

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    the most important. There is no herbal medicine more extensively used, as well as abused, than Opium, and though a valuable remedy, its

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    they can be ascertained, are the tion of the lung be reversed, the same. It is impossible, there- pale portions will become some-

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    dealer. She gave her complaint to himand he was not a certified druggist or anything of that sortand he gave her this paste, which she was to put on her nipples as a healing

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    Borosalicyl. Borsalyl {bo-ro-sal' -is-il, bor'-sal-il). Borosilicate \bo-ro-sil'ik-al). A compound of boric Borosol {btZ-ro-sol). A proprietary liquid used as a

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    There is a fmall hofpital here, but none of the Students are permitted to atten4 it till they have been three years at the Univerfity.

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    that the calcium content of the blood- serum is increased in certain physio- logical or pathological conditions explains the positive Wassermann test

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    as much as there is of this water, and of sublimated sal ammoniac as before. Of Mercury and arsenic take Ib.j. .Again dissolve into water. In this water

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    f mercuric chlorid, 1.35 grams ; acetic acid, 20 c.c, diluted with dis- I tilled water to 60 c.c. This reagent, added to an albumin solu-





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