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    burg and Leipzig. After graduation, his teacher in ophthalmology, Prof. Coccius, offered him an assistantship on the University Eye Clinic of Leipzig.

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    1893 | Fawcett, William Herbert, M.D. Brussels. Cavendish-road, 1899 Felkin, Henry George, M.D. Loud., L.R.C.P., Lingford

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    patients received reacliing the total of 40,039, of these, 4,058 were officers, and 35,981 non-commissioned officers and men.

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    namely, with a ligature or thread of gold. But since this is not readily procured by everybody, a strong flaxen thread, a

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    Durga asked Siva the nature of the body, Siva answered ; know, O Durga ! that the body is formed by a mixture of the energy of

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    contributed by Acting Assistant Surgeon T. P. Arthur. FATAL PRNKTRATING GUNSHOT FRACTURKS OK THK SKULL. 203 the sound of his name when addressed, but took no notice of suiTounding objects. The enema was repeated. On the morning

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    ilative rank In the Navy. Acts March 8, ifFtt; JUne 18, 1878. 8782. Rate of pension dependent on rank when disability originated. Sec

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    chronic carrier as a result of an attack of typhoid fever. In both cases the faeces were still free from typhoid bacilli some weeks after the

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    that for cases operated on early, the 3-year limit is long standing, and for operations by the parietal or met with, however, and no matter how few, they make

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    neurotic persons by moral education became the word of ambition. It was aj)plied with ability by Rev. Elmwood Worcester and his associate's at the

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    body are mixed up together, they cause no pain. For the cold by the hot. But when either is entirely se- parated from the other, then it causes pain. And at

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    mater, siucc iuflaDimatitiii of the olhcr incmlimncs bus so ;>rtnit a ten- plain of piuu. If the patient bad been iticntHliy diseased befimc; the

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    of them, it is recorded that " the Board was surprised to find Medical Education, that he was totally deficient in his answers

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    in calves the epiphysis may become detached from the diaphysis so as to make the limb useless. In the mature animal the enlarge-

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    up, these girls married well. One became the wife of Major John M. Thompson and the other the wife of H. N. Higginbotham, whose con-

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    or 5choler : this figure is indifferctirly in all the quc- >k (hall not inherit, the Counfeller of the enemie if aid thy wife is indifferent, the man in traffique

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    at right side of spine in dorsal region. Gangrene followed, leaving a large cicatrix. Hajnioptysis continued, as alleged, until

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    on October ii4tli. He was fiirlonghed on November 6th ; and died, while on furlough, December 9th, 1834. C.\.SK. — Lieutenant John Jungerich, Adjutant 121st Pennsylvania A' olunteers. received, at the battle of North Anna

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    prompt therapeutic action is life-saving, yet there trace of albumin in urine, negative microscopically before this, I had hunted all over the short street




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